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Sarah Maria Jones (Douglas) 18 APR 1831 - 10 DEC 1910

Sarah was born on 18 APR 1831 in Near Jamestown, N.Y. and died on 10 DEC 1910 (age: 79) in Galesburg, Ill and was buried in Hope Cemetery, Elmwood Ill. .
She was the daughter of Miles Jones, Jr. (6 NOV 1794 - 8 FEB 1885) and Pamela Ketchum Turner (Jones) (2 SEP 1805 - 1 MAY 1883).

Sarah was married to William Douglas on 5 OCT 1852 in Victoria District, Ontario.

William was born on 15 SEP 1830 in Canada and died on 15 JUL 1896 (age: 65) in Elmwood, Ill and was buried in Hope Cemetery .
He was the son of Thomas Douglass (9 FEB 1805 - 17 JAN 1874) and Mary Ann Seeley (Douglass) (15 MAR 1810 - 2 JUN 1893).
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S1 Elmwood Historical Society - indexed scrapbooks

- William was born on 15 SEP 1830 in Canada and died on 15 JUL 1896 (age: 65) in Elmwood, Ill

Son - William Henry Douglass
1830-1896 - William was born on 26 AUG 1853 in Canada and died on 22 NOV 1923 (age: 70) in Peoria, Ill.

- Albert was born on JUN 1857 in Sidney, Ontario, Canada and died on 22 SEP 1859 in Sidney, Ontario, Canada

Son - Edwin Franklin Douglass -
with William Edwin Douglass and Nellie Houser (Douglass)
- Edwin was born on 7 MAR 1860 in Sidney, B.C. Canada and died on 9 DEC 1918 (age: 58) in Elmwood, Illinois

- Alfred was born on 1867 and died on 1870 in Elmwood, Ill

- Orville was born on 14 MAY 1870 in Illinois and died on 28 JAN 1890 (age: 19) in Elmwood, Ill

- Asa was born on 1872 and died on 1872 in Elmwood, Ill

- Miles Jr. was born on 6 NOV 1794 in Otis, Mass. and died on 8 FEB 1885 (age: 90) in Elmwood Illinois

- Pamela was born on 2 SEP 1805 in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1 MAY 1883 (age: 77) in Elmwood Illinois

Notes for Sarah Maria Jones (Douglas)
Was with her son Edwin Douglass in 1910 Census, in Galesburg, Ill.

Notes for William Douglas
Emigrated from Belleville, Canada to Elmwood, Ill in 1862.
His father was born in Ireland and his mother in Mass. (based on 1880 census)
He went into the carriage and wagon business on the site where the
Elmwood foundry and machine shops later stood and continued in this
business until the Fall of 1866.

Sarah: Mrs. Wm. Douglas.
Following a service in Galesburg, the remains of Sarah Maria (Jones) Douglas, were brought here for burial yeserday.

Mrs. Douglas was born April 18, 1831, near Jamestown, N.Y.

In 1835, she, with her parents removed to Canada.

United in marruage to William Douglas, October 5, 1852, coming to Illinois May 1, 1862.

She as converted and joined with her husband the Wesleyan Methodist church.

After coming to Elmwood, she united with the Congregational church.

July 15, 1896, her husband died, since then she has made her home with her son in Galesburg, where she fell asleep Saturday Dec 10, 1910 at 5:15 a.m., leaving to mourn her death two sons, William H. or Peoria and Edwin Franklin of Galesburg, Ill., four grandchildren and one sister, Mrs. James Venn and one brother Darius Jones residing in Nebraska. It was her desire to be buried from her sister's home where memorial services were conducted by the pastor of the Congregational church.

She is held in loving esteem by all here and her 'works do follow her.'

William: Directory of Advertisers in Elmwood Observer - June 1, 1866
Wm. Douglas & Co. Carriage & Wagon Makers, Near the Depot, - Elmwood, Ill.

Would respectively announce to the Farming community, and all others interested, that they are now fully prepared to manufacture all kinds of Carriages & Lumber Wagons.

In a style which they warrant to give satisfaction, in respect to both Workmanship and Materials, the work being done under their immediate inspection, and, good iron and well-seasoned lumber only, being used.

Open and Caleche Top Buggies made in the most fashonable style.

Lumber Wagons with iron or Wooden Axles or Thimble Skeins, and fitted with Seats and Patent Brakes.

One Horse Wagons, etc., got up promptly to order.

Re-fitting, Reparing done to order.

William: W. E. Phelps & Co. - Peoria Illinois
in 1866 W. J. Phelps, A. L. Tracy, J. A. Vandervoort, L. F. Jones, J. J. Rose, H. P. Tracy and W. E. Phelps organized a stock company for the purpose of working in wood and iron.

A machine shop, foundry, wood shop and blacksmith shop were built and fitted with necessary machinery.

The company also became proprietors of Rose's tin upsetter, punch and shears, then just patented.

The works were superintended consecutively by J. J. Rose, L. F. Jones, William Douglas and Samuel West.

Various manufacturing ventures were tried, but the concern lost money, and finally stopped business altogether.

In 1874 W. E. Phelps purchased the interests ... and formed the present concern.

(History of Peoria County, Johnson & Co, 1880)

William: Employees of Douglas & Venn
Samuel Allewelt
T. N. Barr
J. T. Brasse (?)
Wm Davy
Nels G(?) Lonburg
Old Mr. Bigelow
(from inscription in bible presented to Wm Douglas in 1876)

William: Census: 1870 Elmwood, Peoria Co., Illinois

name age Occ. born in
Wm Douglas : 38 Merchant Canada
Sarah Douglas : 38 wife NY
H. William Douglas : 16 At Home Canada
Edwin L. Douglas : 18 Canada
Orville Douglas : 3/12 Ill

William: Census: 1880 Census Elmwood, Peoria Co., Illinois

name relation age born in Occ. father born mother born
William Douglas : self 49 CAN Wagon Maker IRE MA
Sarah Douglas : wife 49 NY Keeping House MA CAN
William H. Douglas : son 28 CAN Agricultural Implement Dealer
Frank Douglas : son 20 CAN At Home CAN NY
Orville Douglas : son 10 IL CAN NY

Granddaughter - Naomi Maria Douglass (Reich)
1893-1964 - Naomi was born on 15 OCT 1893 in Elmwood, Ill. and died on 28 NOV 1964 (age: 71) in Grass Valley, Ca.

Granddaughter - Norma was born on 29 JUL 1895 in Illinois and died on 27 JAN 1989 (age: 93) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Granddaughter - Marcia was born on 9 OCT 1898 and died on 6 JUN 1989 (age: 90) in Pompano Beach, Fl.

Grandson - William Edwin Douglass
1890- - William was born on 29 APR 1890 in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois and died on 7 NOV 1942 (age: 52) in Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia

- Frank was born on 28 MAY 1920 and died on 1 JUN 1920 (age: 0)

Great Granddaughter - Bret Harte Inn - Norma was born on 28 NOV 1921

- Carl was born on 6 JAN 1925

- Keith was born on 29 SEP 1928

- Ruth was born on 10 APR 1931 and died on 11 OCT 1986 (age: 55)

- Arthur was born on 6 JUN 1934

Great Grandson - Albert Sr was born on 2 JUN 1916 in Peoria, Ill and died on 29 JUL 2003 (age: 87) in Boca Raton, Fl

Great Grandson - Norwood was born on 29 JUL 1920 in Peoria, Ill and died on 27 FEB 2006 (age: 85) in Boca Raton, Fl

- Eleanor was born on 6 JUL 1918 in Pittsburg, Pa and died on 20 FEB 2014 (age: 95) in Moorestown, Burlington County, New Jersey

- William was born on 23 DEC 1926 in Clarksburg, West Virginia and died on 6 AUG 1983 (age: 56) in Clarksville, Howard County, Maryland

- Thomas was born on 23 DEC 1926 in Clarksburg, West Virginia

- Eleanor was born on 30 MAR 1829 in Elery Twp, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 28 APR 1910 (age: 81) in Peoria, Ill

- Washington was born on 7 APR 1833 in Jamestown, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 24 JAN 1900 (age: 66) in Elmwood, Illinois

Brother - Darius Benjamin Jones and Wife. -
credit to: 'Tod's Slice Of The Web' by Tod Marshall
- Darius was born on 9 AUG 1834 in Jamestown and died on 29 JAN 1918 (age: 83) in Miller, NE

- Loomis was born on 1826 in NY and died on 19 JUN 1871 in Elmwood, Ill

- Henrietta was born on 25 DEC 1837 in Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 13 JUL 1866 (age: 28)

- Maria was born on 9 MAY 1840 in Sidney, Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 9 MAY 1918 (age: 78) in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

- Amelia was born on 17 JAN 1836 in Chataqua Co., NY and died on 6 APR 1899 (age: 63) in York CO., NE

- John was born on ABT 1839 in Illinois and died on 18 FEB 1861 in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Emaline was born on 31 MAY 1841 and died on 8 JUN 1841 (age: 0) in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Elizabeth was born on 1845

- Angeline was born on 1847 and died on 30 MAR 1861 in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Oscar was born on 30 JUL 1849 in Knox Co., Ill and died on 29 AUG 1921 (age: 72) in Bradshaw, York Co., NE

- Milea was born on 6 MAR 1851 and died on 26 NOV 1852 (age: 1) in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Miles Sr. was born on 28 JUL 1764 in Coventry, Conn. and died on 17 APR 1812 (age: 47) in Otis, Ma

- Mehitable was born on 7 JUN 1771 in Sandisfield, Ma and died on 8 MAY 1812 (age: 40) in Otis, Ma.

- Asa was born on 4 JUN 1765 in Watertown Ct and died on 27 NOV 1847 (age: 82) in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY.

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