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Jones Family - Ourfolk

Jones Family - Ourfolk

Miles Jones, Jr. 6 NOV 1794 - 8 FEB 1885

Miles, Jr. was born on 6 NOV 1794 in Otis, Mass. and died on 8 FEB 1885 (age: 90) in Elmwood Illinois .
He was the son of Miles Jones, Sr. (28 JUL 1764 - 17 APR 1812) and Mehitable Adams (Jones) (7 JUN 1771 - 8 MAY 1812).

Miles, Jr. was married to Pamela Ketchum Turner (Jones) on 6 NOV 1822 in Ellery, Chautauqua, Ny.

Pamela was born on 2 SEP 1805 in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1 MAY 1883 (age: 77) in Elmwood Illinois .
She was the daughter of Asa Turner (4 JUN 1765 - 27 NOV 1847) and Isabel Ketchum (Turner) (B: ABT 1765).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Ebenezer Jones (4 APR 1718 - 1800)
Miles Jones, Sr. (28 JUL 1764 - 17 APR 1812)
Zerviah Loomis (Jones) (24 SEP 1724 - 1808)
Miles Jones, Jr.
Samuel Adams (18 APR 1737 - 19 AUG 1809)
Mehitable Adams (Jones) (7 JUN 1771 - 8 MAY 1812)
Sarah Clark (Adams) (D: 17 MAR 1808)

- Pamela was born on 2 SEP 1805 in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1 MAY 1883 (age: 77) in Elmwood Illinois

- Eleanor was born on 30 MAR 1829 in Elery Twp, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 28 APR 1910 (age: 81) in Peoria, Ill

Daughter - Sarah Maria Jones (Douglass) 1831-1910 - Sarah was born on 18 APR 1831 in Near Jamestown, N.Y. and died on 10 DEC 1910 (age: 79) in Galesburg, Ill

- Washington was born on 7 APR 1833 in Jamestown, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 24 JAN 1900 (age: 66) in Elmwood, Illinois

Son - Darius Benjamin Jones and Wife. - credit to: 'Tod's Slice Of The Web' by Tod Marshall - Darius was born on 9 AUG 1834 in Jamestown and died on 29 JAN 1918 (age: 83) in Miller, NE

- Loomis was born on 1826 in NY and died on 19 JUN 1871 in Elmwood, Ill

- Henrietta was born on 25 DEC 1837 in Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 13 JUL 1866 (age: 28)

- Maria was born on 9 MAY 1840 in Sidney, Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 9 MAY 1918 (age: 78) in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

- Miles, Sr. was born on 28 JUL 1764 in Coventry, Conn. and died on 17 APR 1812 (age: 47) in Otis, Ma

- Mehitable was born on 7 JUN 1771 in Sandisfield, Ma and died on 8 MAY 1812 (age: 40) in Otis, Ma.

-- Miles, Jr. --
was a Universalist and Pamelia was a Baptist.

In 1830 three Luther C. Jones, Festus Jones, and Miles Jones were living in Ellery Township, Chautauqua County, New York.
By 1835 Darius B. Jones had joined his other three brothers there.

Pamela: DIED.
At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Jas. Venn, in Elmwood, on Tuesday morning, May 1st 1883, Mrs. Pamilia K. Jones, wife of Mr. Miles Jones, aged 77 years 7 mos, 19 days.

She was a native of Sidney township, near Belleville, Canada, where she was born
Sept 13, 1805.
At the age of five she accompanied her parents to the state of New York, and was married there to Miles Jones,
Nov 26, 1822. and continued there until 1835;
five children then living, two deceased.
Went at that date back to Canada; there remained till the family removed, in the fall of 1860 to Elmwood, Ill. where she has resided to the time of her death.

Mrs. Jones was one of those estimable wives and mothers who are always ready and willing to perform
any known duty.
She took special pains to bring up her children according to her best feeling of duty to them and
was thorough and industrious in all household duties.
Before and after marriage she had taught school for short periods chiefly to accomodate her neighbors.
This disposition to oblige was her marked charactersitic all her life.
Forty years ago she joined the Baptist church, and since she came to Elmwood
had been an honoured member of the Congregational church.
For over 30 years she has been an invalid, and on the 1st of May, after six days futher suffering she passed away,
in hope of a happy reunion with all she loved, in the heavenly home.
She leaves behind her aged husband, 11 years her senior, and five children --
Mrs. J. A. Vandervoort, Mrs Wm. Douglas, W. W. Jones, D. B. Jones and Mrs. Jas. Venn.

Funeral services were conducted at Mr Venn's, Wednesday afternoon, May 2d, by Rev. L. R. Royce.
andremains interred in Elmwood Cemetery.

Miles, Jr.: Census: 1851 Census - Sydney, Hastings, Ontario

Census: 1851 Census - Sydney, Hastings, Ontario
name occupation born in age
Miles Jones: carpenterUS51
Pamelia K. Jones: Canada West48
Sarah Maria Jones: US21
Washington W. Jones: carpenterUS19
Dennis Jones: blacksmithUS18
Henrietta Jones: US14
Maria Jones: US12
Ellen Duffy: Thurman, Ontario22
Courtesy Our Folk - Hart Family Genealogy - ourfolkgen.com

-- Miles, Jr. --
They moved from New York
to Illinois in 1859. A Historian in Chautaqua Co. NY
states Miles Jones recorded property in 1822, another
record states Sheridan in Chautauqua Co. Land
transactions, recorded at Mayville, N.Y

Miles and Pamela are living with L. F. Jones in the 1870 Elmwood, IL Census, and with
their son-in-law Joseph Vandervoort in 1880.

Miles, Jr.: Census: 1880 Census Elmwood, Peoria Co., Il

Census: 1880 Census Elmwood, Peoria Co., Il
name relation age born in occupation father born mother born
Jospeh Vandwoort: self50canGrocerNYCAN
Elenor E. Vandwoort: wife51NYKeeping HouseMACAN
Miles Jones: F-law85MACarpenterMAMA
Pamelia Jones: m-law74CANNYNY
Wiedson Vanderson: son19ILAttending CollegeCANNY
Courtesy Our Folk - Hart Family Genealogy - ourfolkgen.com

-- Miles, Jr. --
See 'The Jones Family in Elmwood Illinois' below
for a description of Miles' sons and sons-in-law in the Elmwood Illinois business community.

'The Jones Family in Elmwood Illinois'

Miles, Jr.: Mr. Miles Jones

Death has taked from our midst our oldest townsman, Mr. Miles Jones.
Dying on last Sabbath he was 90 years, 3 months and 2 days old.
Mr. Jones has been a resident of Elmwood for nearly 30 years.
For a number of years he has been an invalid confined to his room and bed most of the time.
He was out last that he might vote for Blaine and Logan.
It's hard to realize the changes taking place during the life-time of a man living 90 years.
Mr. Jones was born when Washington was president, and so lived under the administration of every president since to founding of the Republic.
Then the population of our country was not more than 4,000,000 now it is nearly 60,000,000.
All our modern improvements have come in duing his life time.
The settlement of both the old west and the new west has been made since he begun life.

Mr Jones was the father of Mrs. J. A. Vandervoort, Mrs. Wm Douglas and Mrs. James Venn. For two or three years past he made his home with Mrs Venn, at last dying there surrounded by all hus daughters, one son, and his other numerous relatives.

Father Brown is now the oldest man in our village, being in his 88th year. All should move in the presence of these fathers reverently. They belong to the noble generations of the past, having many excellencies after which we need to pattern. Peace to the departed and belssings upon the living.

- Lucilia was born on 16 JAN 1851 in Rawdon, Hastings, Ontario and died on 4 AUG 1921 (age: 70) in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

- Bertha was born on 1 SEP 1856 in Sidney Twp, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 2 SEP 1933 (age: 77) in Brazil, Clay, IN

- Winsor was born on 7 MAY 1859 in Thomasburg, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 16 JAN 1861 (age: 1)

- Winsor was born on 4 MAR 1861 in Peoria Co., IL and died on JUL 1941 in Evanston, IL

- Albert was born on 27 JUN 1863 in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill and died on 20 OCT 1864 (age: 1) in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

Grandson - William Henry Douglass
1830-1896 - William was born on 26 AUG 1853 in Canada and died on 22 NOV 1923 (age: 70) in Peoria, Ill.

- Albert was born on JUN 1857 in Sidney, Ontario, Canada and died on 22 SEP 1859 in Sidney, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada

Grandson - Edwin Franklin Douglass - with William Edwin Douglass and Nellie Houser (Douglass) - Edwin was born on 7 MAR 1860 in Sidney, B.C. Canada and died on 9 DEC 1918 (age: 58) in Elmwood, Illinois

- Alfred was born on 1867 and died on 1870 in Elmwood, Ill

- Orville was born on 14 MAY 1870 in Illinois and died on 28 JAN 1890 (age: 19) in Elmwood, Ill

- Asa was born on 1872 and died on 1872 in Elmwood, Ill

- Edith was born on 2 SEP 1878 in Elmwood, Ill and died on 6 NOV 1908 (age: 30)

- Mary was born on 2 DEC 1858 and died on 10 APR 1911 (age: 52)

Granddaughter - Anna Irene Jones
1868-1936 - Anna was born on 18 APR 1868 in Eugene, IL and died on 9 FEB 1936 (age: 67)

- Eleanor was born on JUN 1877 and died on 1908

- Helen was born on 28 JAN 1899 in Elmwood, Illinois and died on OCT 1978

Great Granddaughter - Naomi Maria Douglass (Reich)
1893-1964 - Naomi was born on 15 OCT 1893 in Elmwood, Ill. and died on 28 NOV 1964 (age: 71) in Grass Valley, Ca.

Great Granddaughter - Norma was born on 29 JUL 1895 in Illinois and died on 27 JAN 1989 (age: 93) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Great Granddaughter - Marcia was born on 9 OCT 1898 and died on 6 JUN 1989 (age: 90) in Pompano Beach, Fl.

Great Grandson - William Edwin Douglass
1890- - William was born on 29 APR 1890 in Elmwood, Peoria County, Illinois and died on 7 NOV 1942 (age: 52) in Wellsburg, Brooke County, West Virginia

- Mehitable was born on 7 NOV 1793

- Festus was born on 3 DEC 1796 in Coventry, Tolland County, CT and died on 21 NOV 1866 (age: 69)

- Zerviah was born on 8 NOV 1798 in Thetford, Orange, VT and died on 13 NOV 1848 (age: 50)

- Elizabeth was born on 7 AUG 1801

- Ebenezer was born on 13 JUN 1803

- Luther was born on 26 FEB 1806 and died on 16 MAR 1871 (age: 65) in Ellery, NY

- Leonard was born on 6 SEP 1808 in Otis Township, Berkshire County, Massachusetts and died on 11 FEB 1861 (age: 52) in Elba, Knox Co., IL

- John was born on 10 OCT 1810 and died on 18 MAR 1852 (age: 41)

- Darius was born on 10 OCT 1810

- Adonijah was born on 24 APR 1779 in Otis, Mass

- Eber was born on 7 JUN 1787 and died on 4 APR 1860 (age: 72)

- Timothy was born on 9 APR 1792 in Otis, Ma

- Ebenezer was born on 4 APR 1718 in Coventry, Conn. and died on 1800 in Sanisfield, Ma

- Zerviah was born on 24 SEP 1724 in Lebanon, Ct and died on 1808 in Sanisfield, Ma

- Samuel was born on 18 APR 1737 in Preston, CT and died on 19 AUG 1809 (age: 72) in Otis, Ma

- Sarah was born in Preston, CT and died on 17 MAR 1808 in Otis, Ma

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