Clarence Raymond Smith APR 1893 - 1962

Clarence was born on APR 1893 in Ohio and died on 1962 in Hartford City, Indiana and was buried in Union Cemetery, Eaton, Indiana .
He was the son of Charles Curtis "Charlie" Smith (14 MAY 1862 - 14 MAY 1927) and Abigail "Abby" Nelson (Smith) (B: 1863).

Clarence was married to Chloe Olivia West (Smith) on 19 FEB 1913 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., Indiana.

Chloe was born on 31 MAR 1891 in Madison Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana and died on 1979 in Hartford City, Indiana and was buried in Union Cemetery, Eaton, Indiana .
She was the daughter of Shelton Alexander West (2 MAY 1862 - 17 FEB 1895) and Laura Mae Colclazier (West) (8 AUG 1869 - 16 APR 1933).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Alexander Smith
Charles Curtis "Charlie" Smith (14 MAY 1862 - 14 MAY 1927)
Susie Kessinger (Smith)
Clarence Raymond Smith
Stephan Nelson (B: 1832)
Abigail "Abby" Nelson (Smith) (B: 1863)
Stacy M. (Nelson)


S1 Ancestral File - West / Smith Family

Wife - Chloe was born on 31 MAR 1891 in Madison Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana and died on 1979 in Hartford City, Indiana

- Lowell was born on 17 FEB 1914 in Indiana and died on 31 JAN 1953 (age: 38) in Hartford City, Blackford Co., Indiana

Son - Hartford City High School - 1935 - Loren was born on 31 JUL 1916 in Grant Co., in and died on 17 FEB 1989 (age: 72) in Bonita Springs, Fl

- Hildred was born on 20 JAN 1918 in Grant Co., Indiana and died on 19 APR 2003 (age: 85) in Indianapolis, Ind

- Alta was born on 20 AUG 1920 in Grant Co., Indiana

- Charles was born on 14 MAY 1862 in New Market, Ohio and died on 14 MAY 1927 (age: 65) in Hartford City, Blackford Co. in, Ind

- Abigail was born on 1863 in Indiana

-- Clarence --
We hardly ever heard anyone calling Grandpa by his christian name. They always called him 'CR.' This was his name thoughout the community as well as in the purebred Duroc hog business or fraternity as some referred to it. Seemed to sound a bit more professional tha hog farmer when you were dealing in purebreds which were commanding a higher price as breeding stock rather than ham and bacon. You had to know where those genes were coming from and what you wanted to match them up with to get the right finished product and 'CR' was good at doing just that. Some families would sit around and play cards or games while my Father and Grandfather would try to be 'matchmaker' between pigs. (James Melvin Smith - 2002)

Clarence: Photo note:

This photo is the only known group picture of the Clarence R. Smith Family.
The date is unknown but was used in a trade magazine,
'The Duroc News', Who's Who Edition which was published annually
and featured a prominent family involved in the raising of purebred Duroc hogs.
It is thought the publication would have been done in the early 1950's.

Left to right; Clarence R. 'C.R.' Smith, Alta (Smith) Smith, Lowell Smith, Chloe (West) Smith,
Loren Smith, and Hildred (Smith) Delporte.

Back in the day when everyone was searching to find the family linage and genealogy C.R. Smith & Son were raising and selling purebred Duroc hogs.

Each animal sold as breeding stock was required to have a pedigree as evidenced by such a document attached. This document was registered with the United Duroc Association in Peoria, IL.

In the upper right is the ear notch of each pig in a litter. On the registration was the name of the respective piglet along with parents and grandparents and registration numbers, date of farrowing (birth), and how many males and females were in the litter. It took many people working in the office in Peoria to keep all of this information documented and recorded. To a certain extent this still goes on today but far easier with computers and instead of names only numbers are used.

The picture on the document are his grandsons, Jim Smith, feeding the pigs and my younger brother Joe Smith watching.

From James Smith 2020

Clarence: Census: 1920 Monroe Twp, Grant Co., Ind
Clarence R Smith;head;26;Indiana;Ohio;Indiana;Farmer
Chloe O Smith;wife;28;Indiana;Indiana;Indiana
Lowel R Smith;son;5;Indiana;Indiana;Indiana
Loren H Smith;son;2 5/12;Indiana;Indiana;Indiana
Hildred F Smith;daughter;1 11/12;Indiana;Indiana;Indiana

-- Clarence --
His father, Charley C. Smith, and his wife Abbie lived on an adjoining farm in 1920 with Merritt C. Smith, his wife Ethel Smith and daughter Dolores Smith.

Grandson - James Melvin Smith
1942- - James was born on 11 MAY 1942 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., in

- Joseph was born on 12 AUG 1944 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., in and died in Hartford City, Indiana

Grandson - Jack Smith - Jack was born on 19 SEP 1947 in Blackford Co., Ind

- Jalene was born in Hartford City, Indiana

- Charles was born on 1 JUN 1945 in Hartford City, Blackford Co. in and died on 31 MAY 1973 (age: 28) in Lafayette, ind

Great Grandson - Andrew was born on 10 APR 1970 in Holland, Michigan and died on 10 JUL 1988 (age: 18) in Holland, Mi

Great Grandson - West Ottawa High School 1990 - Douglass was born on 18 MAY 1972 in Holland, Michigan

- Erik was born on 1 MAR 1974 in Holland, Michigan

Great Granddaughter - 2002 - Heather was born on 23 OCT 1976 in Holland, Michigan

Great Granddaughter - Melinda was born on 10 JUL 1978 in Holland, Mi

Great Granddaughter - HS 1983 Harrtford CIty, In - Lori was born on 5 DEC 1966

- Joseph was born on 28 MAR 1977

- Oren was born on 13 OCT 1981 in Delaware Co., in

- Hannah was born on 21 SEP 1985 in Delaware Co., in

- George was born on JUN 1883

- Stevens was born on MAR 1887 in Indiana

- Sylvester was born on AUG 1889 in Indiana

- Grace was born on SEP 1895 in Indiana

- Hershell was born on MAR 1898

Brother - Merrit and ethel Smith - Dliver, Dolores and Gene - Image courtesy of Jack Smith - Merritt was born on 13 OCT 1900 in Grant Co., Ind

- Olive was born on 1907/1908 in Indiana

- Alexander was born in Ohio

- Stephan was born on 1832 in North Carolina

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