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Albert Douglass Hart, Jr B: 16 APR 1947

Albert, Jr was born on 16 APR 1947 in Chicago, Ill .
He is the son of Albert Douglass Hart, Sr (2 JUN 1916 - 29 JUL 2003) and Ruth Amelia Bibbins (Hart) (8 DEC 1917 - 4 FEB 2006).

Albert, Jr was married to Sally Johnston Kimball (Hart) on 9 NOV 1968 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Sally was born on 10 JUN 1947 in Lincoln, Ill .
She is the daughter of Paul Earle Kimball (19 NOV 1916 - 22 JUL 1989) and Dorothy Adams Johnston (Kimball) (5 JUN 1911 - 21 AUG 1955).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Albert Thomas Hart (3 OCT 1895 - 1 NOV 1982)
Albert Douglass Hart, Sr (2 JUN 1916 - 29 JUL 2003)
Norma Elizabeth Douglass (Hart) (29 JUL 1895 - 27 JAN 1989)
Albert Douglass Hart, Jr
Francis Eugene Bibbins, Jr. (28 SEP 1883 - 8 DEC 1951)
Ruth Amelia Bibbins (Hart) (8 DEC 1917 - 4 FEB 2006)
Seelye Amanda Hough (Bibbins) (20 AUG 1888 - 17 NOV 1964)

- Albert D. Hart, Jr

Wife - Shortridge HS - Indianapolis - 1965 - Sally was born on 10 JUN 1947 in Lincoln, Ill

Wife - Sally Johnston Kimball (Hart)

Daughter - Cherry Creek HS - 1988 - Cara was born on 10 DEC 1970 in Bloomington, Ind

Daughter - Emily Anne Hart
1974- - Emily was born on 13 MAR 1974 in Englewood, Colo

Father - Albert, Sr was born on 2 JUN 1916 in Peoria, Ill and died on 29 JUL 2003 (age: 87) in Boca Raton, Fl

Mother - 1959 - on Talman Avenue in Chicago - Ruth was born on 8 DEC 1917 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 4 FEB 2006 (age: 88) in Boca Raton, Fl

-- Albert, Jr --
Albert, Jr was a Computer Programmer.
graduated from Wabash College - BA Math 1968, Indiana University MA Math 1971.
On the winning (3 man) team of the first two sessions of the 'Indiana College Mathematics Competition' in 1966 and 1967.

: Wedding Announcment

Wedding Announcment

-- Sally --
Sally was a Pediatric nurse.
Graduated from Methodist School of Nursing - Indianapolis, In - 1968.
Sally was the Office Nurse for Dr. William Moon from 1978 to 1990.
Worked for Dr. Kenneth Katz since 1992 - a pediatrician in Englewood, Co.

Sally received a BA from Univ. of Colorado Denver in 1998 as an English Major.
And a Master's Degree in May English in 2003.

In 2004, Sally started teaching Film Studies at Boulder Preparatory High School in Boulder, Colorado.

Albert, Jr: Al Barb and Rich

Al Barb and Rich

: Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Albert, Jr: Barb and Al

Barb and Al

Albert, Jr: 1950 Census on Utica Street in Evergreen Park, Ill.

1950 Census on Utica Street in Evergreen Park, Ill.

Albert, Jr: 10738 S. Talman in 2018

10738 S. Talman in 2018

Albert, Jr: ICMC Winning Teams
Exam #1 - 1966

The first 'friendly competition' was held at Wabash College, located in Crawfordsville, a bit northwest of Indianapolis.
Eight schools participated in the competition that year. It was won by the team from Wabash College consisting of James Clynch, Albert Hart Jr., and Larry Haugh.

Exam #2 - 1967

This competition was held at Marian College in Indianapolis. The winning team, consisting of David Hafling, Albert Hart Jr., and Robert Spear was again from Wabash College,

A sample question from 1968: Let us assume that a given pair of people either know each other or are strangers. If six people enter a room, show that there must be at least three people who know each other pairwise or there must be at least three people who are pairwise strangers.

(from 'A Friendly Mathematics Competition', Rick Gillman Editor. 2003)

-- Albert, Jr --
Compiled 'Our Folks Revisited' - Hart, Bibbins, Johnston and Adams Family Genealogy 1990.
Published Hart family Genealogy pages on the web in 2002.

Interests: Poker, Piano, Singing: Church Chior and School Choir, Wabash College Glee Club,
S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A. - Photography for Wabash College newspaper 'The Bachelor',- Ham radio operator,

Albert, Sally and Cara lived in Hamburg Germany 1971-1972 where he taught
mathematics in the German School system. Al taught school until noon every day, and then spent the afternoon in a 'Shnell Imbiss' (owned by Berndt and Petra Becker) playing 'Skat' and 'Klaperjas'
(a north german card game played in bars), and drinking beer.
Sally had to stay home, shop, cook and take care of Cara. After 18 months the situation becase so unbearable that they returned to the U.S. where Sally immediately found work as an R.N.. and Children's Hospital in Denver and Al found a job with 'Computer Sharing Services' - a computer time-share provider.

In 1975, Albert founded Sigma Design which went on to become an Architectural
CAD system supplier - Sigmagraphics and ARRIS.
In 1987 he spun off ARITEK Systems, which provided
software for the AEC CAD community. ARITEK's biggest success has been Giza - the furniture
placement and design program used by most of the furniture dealers in the U.S. The Giza techniology was purchased by '20-20 Technologies' in Laval, Canada in 2001.

In 2006, Aritek transitioned into Render Plus Software started developing and selling add-on applications for the SketchUp 3D CAD Engine, sold by Google and later sold by Trimble.

Render Plus Software was sold in 2017, and Albert continued as an advisor to the new compnay. Richard Hart continued to work for the new owners for serveral years.

From 2017 untl 2019, Albert worked on the web site for a poker professional, Jonathan Little. He and Jonathan wrote a book about poker - Bluffs - which is sold by Amazon.

Albert, Jr: Bluffs Book

Bluffs Book

Albert, Jr: Heartland Poker Tour Tournament

Albert made the final table of a Heartland Poker Tour Tournament which was televised.
Here is the entire session on You Tube:

First Hour of telecast

Second Hour of telecast

- Draken was born on 18 APR 2008 in Keosauqua, IA

Sister - Morgan Park HS - Chicago - 1961 - Barbara was born on 31 JAN 1943 in Chicago, Ill

Brother - Richard Dixon Hart - Taken in Crawfordsville, Ind. about 1966 - Richard was born on 19 MAY 1949 in Chicago, Ill

First Cousin - Norwood was born on 29 MAR 1946 in Chicago, IL

First Cousin - Morgan Park HS - 1966 - Robert was born on 27 FEB 1949 in Chicago, Ill.

First Cousin - Jonathan Hart - 1961 - Jonathan was born on 28 OCT 1954

First Cousin - Bill Hart and Jung Kim - Taken at Disney World. 2004 - William was born on 26 APR 1961 in Chicago, IL

First Cousin - North Central HS - 1963 - Frank was born on 16 FEB 1947 in Indianapolis, Ind

Grandfather - Albert Thomas Hart
1895-1982 - Albert was born on 3 OCT 1895 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 1 NOV 1982 (age: 87) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Grandmother - Norma was born on 29 JUL 1895 in Illinois and died on 27 JAN 1989 (age: 93) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Grandfather - Purdue Pharmacy Graduation 1904 - Francis, Jr. was born on 28 SEP 1883 in Beloit, Wisc and died on 8 DEC 1951 (age: 68) in Indianapolis, Ind.

Grandmother - Seelye was born on 20 AUG 1888 in Noble Co., Indiana and died on 17 NOV 1964 (age: 76) in Indianapolis, Ind

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