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Francis Eugene Bibbins, Jr. 28 SEP 1883 - 8 DEC 1951

Francis Jr. was born on 28 SEP 1883 in Beloit, Wisc and died on 8 DEC 1951 (age: 68) in Indianapolis, Ind. and was buried on 12 DEC 1951 in Crown Hill Cmty - sec 78 lot 192 .
He was the son of Francis Eugene Bibbins, Sr (3 DEC 1855 - 23 DEC 1928) and Mary O'Holloran (Bibbins) (8 APR 1863 - 16 NOV 1942).

Francis Jr. was married to Seelye Amanda Hough (Bibbins) on 8 JUN 1910 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Seelye was born on 20 AUG 1888 in Noble Co., Indiana and died on 17 NOV 1964 (age: 76) in Indianapolis, Ind and was buried in Crown Hill Cmty - sec 78 lot 192 .
She was the daughter of Benjamin G. Hough (APR 1857 - 1932) and Amelia Jane Seelye (Hough) (9 NOV 1854 - 8 MAY 1938).
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- Purdue Yearbook 1904

Wife - Seelye was born on 20 AUG 1888 in Noble Co., Indiana and died on 17 NOV 1964 (age: 76) in Indianapolis, Ind

Son - Eugene Bibbins (1911-1994) - Eugene was born on 23 MAR 1911 in Indianapolis, IN and died on 21 JAN 1994 (age: 82) in Nokomis, Sarasota, Florida

Daughter - 1959 - on Talman Avenue in Chicago - Ruth was born on 8 DEC 1917 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 4 FEB 2006 (age: 88) in Boca Raton, Fl

Father - Francis Sr was born on 3 DEC 1855 in Ossian, Benington Co., Ny and died on 23 DEC 1928 (age: 73) in Delphi, Ind

Mother - Mary O'Holloran
1863-1942 - Mary was born on 8 APR 1863 in Clinton, Rock Co., Wisc and died on 16 NOV 1942 (age: 79) in Lafayette, Ind

Francis Jr.: Purdue Yearbook 1904

Purdue Yearbook 1904 Listed in 1907 Indianapolis City directory as a chemist. Listed in 1915, living at 4246 Cornelieus as a chemist, in 1925 he was listed as working for Eli Lilly. In 1930 a Dept Mgr for Lilly and in 1940 as the Pres. of the Indianapolis College of Pharmacy.

Seelye's middle name on her Birth Certificate wa Amanda, and on her marriage license.

At the time of her death it was reported as Amelia.

Ameilia was her mother's name.

But Amanda was her grandmother's name.

Francis Jr.:
Another example of localization in early research collaborations, Eli Lilly & Co., of Indianapolis, Indiana, engaged in collaborative research with Purdue University. Lilly hired Purdue grads, like director of research development H.W. Rhodehamel, chief pharmacist F.E. Bibbins, and assistant chief engineer J.C. Siegesmund. Pharmaceutical research scientist (EARLY ACADEMIC SCIENCE AND THE BIRTH OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH )

Seelye: Marriage License
Name: Seelye Amanda Hough
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 8 Jun 1910
Marriage Place: Marion, Indiana
Father: Benj G. Hough
Mother: Amelia Seelye
Spouse: Francis Eugene Bibbins
FHL Film Number: 499394
Reference ID: no 57, p72

Notes for Francis Eugene Bibbins, Jr.

Notes for Seelye Amanda Hough (Bibbins)

Francis Jr.: Census: 1910 Indianapolis, 11 Wd, Marion Co., Indiana

name relation age m-status born f-born m-born Occ.
Francis E. Bibbins : Boarder 32 S Indiana Indiana Indiana Chemist - Laboratory

Seelye: Bibbins/Hart Family Estrangement
The Albert and Ruth Hart family never saw or visited Ruth's mother - Seelye until 1963 - shortly berofre her death and when she didn't know who we were because of Alheimer's. Seely and her husband Francis. They disowned Ruth and her family when she married Albert. The Bibbins' were important in Indianapolis and didn't consider Albert Sr. as good enough to join their family. His father was a fruit and vegetable broker, and that wasn't in the same class as Francis - who was Chief Pharacist at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. So we never communicated with them, except for a financial agreement in 1952 to let Seelye keep the income from the Lilly stock which he had left to Ruth in his Will. (and possession of the stock certificates).

Ruth's brother, Eugene and his wife Bobby also never visited with us - although he did send a Chrismas gift to the kids every year. We just didn't really understand whom it was from.

The saving grace, for us, from the Bibbins family was my Great Aunt Bessie Bibbins Hencke - who loved all of us, visited with us often, and cared for us until the time of her own death in 1972.

Francis Jr.: 1918 Draft Registration Card

1918 Draft Registration Card

Seelye: Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
Name: Seelye Amelia Bibbins
: Seelye Amelia Hough
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 7 Aug 1888
Birth Place: Ligonier Nob, Indiana
Father: Benjamin Hough
Mother: Seelye Ameli
SSN: 309480327
Notes: Sep 1962: Name listed as SEELYE AMELIA BIBBINS

Francis Jr.: Eugene and Seeley Bibbins - about 1930

Eugene and Seeley Bibbins - about 1930

Seelye: Seelye A Bibbins Obituary
Mrs. Seelye A. Bibbins, 8515 N. Penn., mother of Mr. Eugene B. Bibbins and Mrs. Albert Hart, sister of Mr. David Hough and Mrs. Mabel Rockstroh, grandmother of 4, passed away Tuesday.

Funeral Thursday afternoon 2:30 o'clock, Flanner and Buchanan Broad Ripple Mortuary.

Friends invited.

Francis Jr.: Bibbins Family - Francis, Ruth and Eugene

Bibbins Family - Francis, Ruth and Eugene

Seelye: Obituary in Indianpolis News

Obituary in Indianpolis News

Francis Jr.: Census: 1920 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana - 4246 Cornelius Ave

name relation age born in father born mother born Occ.
Francis E. Bibbins : head 36 Wisconsin Mass Wisconsin Chemist - Chemical Mfgr.
Seelye Bibbins : wife 31 Indiana Penn Indiana
Eugene Bibbins : son 8 Indiana Wisconsin Indiana
Ruth Bibbins : dau 2 1/12 Indiana Wisconsin Indiana

Seelye: Death Certificate

Death Certificate

Francis Jr.: Census: 1930 Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana - 4246 Cornelius Ave

name relation age born in father born mother born Occ.
Francis E. Bibbins : head 46 Wisconsin New York Wisconsin Chemist - Pharmecutical
Seelye A. Bibbins : wife 41 Indiana Penn Indiana
Eugene B. Bibbins : son 18 Indiana Wisconsin Indiana
Ruth A. Bibbins : dau 12 Indiana Wisconsin Indiana

Francis Jr.: Census: 1940 Washington, Marion, Indiana

Name : Francis Bibbins
Age : 56
Birthplace : Wisconsin
Marital status : Married
Street : 728B Spring Mill Val
Occupation : Pharmacist
House Owned or Rented : Owned
Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented : 18,000
Income : 5000+
Household Members :
Name : Age
Francis Bibbins : 56
Sellye Bibbins : 51
Ruth Bibbins : 22

Francis Jr.: The Indianapolis Star Dec 10, 1951:
Dr. Francis Bibbins Dies;
Retired Lilly Pharmacist Dr. Francis E. Bibbins, 68 years old, chief pharmacist for Eli Lilly & Co., many years, died Saturday in his home, 150 West 64th Street.

He had been employed by the drug manufacturing company 45 years until his retirement 3 years ago.

A native of Beloit, Wis., Dr. Bibbins had lived in Indianapolis 48 years.

He was graduated from Purdue University in 1904 and then attended the pharmaceutical school of Butler University.

Dr. Bibbins was a member of the Central avenue Methodist Church, Marion Lodge of the F & A.M. Scottish Rite, Murat Shrine, Raper Commandery, Indiana Academy of Science, American Pharmaceutic Association, American Chemical Society, Columbia Club and Indianapolis Athletic Club.

He was a member and past president of the board of directors of the Butler pharmaceutical school.

Funeral arrangements have been delayed pending the return home of a son, Capt.Eugene B. Bibbins, serving in Korea.

Services will be at the Flanner & Buchanan Mortuary with burial in Crown Hill Cemetery.

Survivors, besides his son, are the widow, Mrs. Seelye A. Bibbins; a daughter, Mrs. Albert D. Hart, Chicago; a sister Mrs. Fred Hencke, Lafayette and four grandchildren.

Grandson -
- Frank was born on 16 FEB 1947 in Indianapolis, Ind

Granddaughter - Morgan Park HS - Chicago - 1961 - Barbara was born on 31 JAN 1943 in Chicago, Ill

Grandson - Crawfordsville High School - 1965 - Albert Jr was born on 16 APR 1947 in Chicago, Ill

Grandson - Richard Dixon Hart -
Taken in Crawfordsville, Ind. about 1966
- Richard was born on 19 MAY 1949 in Chicago, Ill

Great Grandson - Andrew was born on 10 APR 1970 in Holland, Michigan and died on 10 JUL 1988 (age: 18) in Holland, Mi

Great Grandson - West Ottawa High School 1990 - Douglass was born on 18 MAY 1972 in Holland, Michigan

- Erik was born on 1 MAR 1974 in Holland, Michigan

Great Granddaughter - 2002 - Heather was born on 23 OCT 1976 in Holland, Michigan

Great Granddaughter - Melinda was born on 10 JUL 1978 in Holland, Mi

Great Granddaughter - Cherry Creek HS - 1988 - Cara was born on 10 DEC 1970 in Bloomington, Ind

Great Granddaughter - Emily Anne Hart
1974- - Emily was born on 13 MAR 1974 in Englewood, Colo

Great Grandson - Jacob Hart (b. 1980) -
Taken in 2003 at home Littleton, Co.
- Jacob was born on 4 OCT 1980

Great Grandson - James was born on 4 OCT 1987

- Edmond was born on 28 JUL 1882 in Beloit, Wisc. and died on 21 MAR 1883 (age: 0) in Beloit, Wisc.

Sister - Bessie Bibbins
1885-1972 - Bessie was born on 22 AUG 1885 in Beloit, Wisc and died on ABT 1972 in West Lafayette, Ind

- Eugene was born on 30 JAN 1853 in Dansville, NY and died on 16 DEC 1914 (age: 61) in Beloit, Wi

- Charles was born on 31 JUL 1855 in New York and died on 23 NOV 1926 (age: 71) in Beloit, Wi

- Fred was born on ABT 1858

- Mary. was born on NOV 1861 in Beloit Wisc.

- Lydia was born on 5 MAY 1863 in Beloit, Wisc. and died on 6 APR 1927 (age: 63) in Sheboygan

- Louis was born on MAY 1866 in Beloit, Wisc. and died on 24 JUN 1957

- Carrie was born on 11 FEB 1858 in Illinois and died on 12 FEB 1930 (age: 72)

First Cousin - Franklin Whetstone Bibbins - Franklin was born on 18 NOV 1859 in Beloit, Wisconsin and died on 6 MAR 1941 (age: 81) in Seattle, King, Washington

First Cousin - Addie Bibbins (Bell) - Addie was born on 1862 in Beloit, Wisc. and died on MAY 1929 in Oakwood Cmty, Beloit, Wi

- Silas was born on 10 JUL 1865

First Cousin - Ida Bristol

- Henry was born on ABT 1860

First Cousin - Angeline Bibbins (Bemis) -
Photo taken about 1922. Courtesy of Florence Bemis Riphenburg.
- Angeline was born on NOV 1878 in Beloit, Wisc.

First Cousin - Arthur and Anna Bibbins - Frank was born on 22 APR 1883 in Beloit, Wisc and died on 19 JUL 1958 (age: 75)

- son was born on 1885/1887 and died on ABT 1887

- dtr was born on 1887/1888 and died on 3 MAR 1888

- Etta was born on 12 APR 1863 in Ossian, NY and died on 6 MAY 1927 (age: 64) in Beloit, Wi

- William was born on 30 OCT 1864 in Ossian, NY and died on 18 JAN 1867 (age: 2) in Beloit, Wi

First Cousin - William Hatch (1872-1953) - William was born on 10 DEC 1872 in Beloit, Wi and died on 21 APR 1953 (age: 80) in Beloit, Wi

- Charlotte was born on 20 NOV 1874 and died on 10 MAR 1956 (age: 81)

First Cousin - mabel Hatch - Mabel was born on 20 AUG 1876 in Beloit, Wi

- Nellie was born on 22 MAY 1878 in Beloit, Wi

First Cousin - Charles Hatch - Charles was born on 17 FEB 1883 in Beloit, Wi

First Cousin - Emma Thayer

First Cousin - Jessie Thayer

First Cousin - Carrie Thayer

First Cousin - Margaret and Paul Bickenbach

- Smith was born on 24 JUN 1806 in Ossinging Ny and died on 25 JUN 1885 (age: 79) in Beloit, Wi

Grandmother - Angeline Fargo (Bibbins)
1811-1880 -
courtesy of Toni Alldredge Aug 2008
- Angeline was born on 22 APR 1811 in Warsaw, Ny. and died on 16 OCT 1880 (age: 69) in Beloit, Wisc.

- Edward was born on ABT 1830 in Ireland and died on 11 JUN 1883 in Beloit, Wisconsin

- Bridgett was born on ABT 1834 in Ireland and died on MAY 1871

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