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Loomis Franklin Jones 1826 - 19 JUN 1871

Loomis was born on 1826 in NY and died on 19 JUN 1871 in Elmwood, Ill .
He was the son of Miles Jones, Jr. (6 NOV 1794 - 8 FEB 1885) and Pamela Ketchum Turner (Jones) (2 SEP 1805 - 1 MAY 1883).

Loomis was married to Sarah G. (Jones) .

Sarah was born on 1831/1832 in PA .
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Miles Jones, Sr. (28 JUL 1764 - 17 APR 1812)
Miles Jones, Jr. (6 NOV 1794 - 8 FEB 1885)
Mehitable Adams (Jones) (7 JUN 1771 - 8 MAY 1812)
Loomis Franklin Jones
Asa Turner (4 JUN 1765 - 27 NOV 1847)
Pamela Ketchum Turner (Jones) (2 SEP 1805 - 1 MAY 1883)
Isabel Ketchum (Turner) (B: ABT 1765)


S1 Elmwood - 1831 - 1976
S2 email from Laurie Huey

- Sarah was born on 1831/1832 in PA

- Miles, Jr. was born on 6 NOV 1794 in Otis, Mass. and died on 8 FEB 1885 (age: 90) in Elmwood Illinois

- Pamela was born on 2 SEP 1805 in Sidney, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1 MAY 1883 (age: 77) in Elmwood Illinois

Loomis: Census: 1860 Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

Census: 1860 Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill
name age occupation born in
Franklin Jones: 34GrocerNY
Margaret Jones: 25C.W.
Charles Jones: 2C.W.
Helen Cameron: 30Scotland
Wm Scott: 25CarpenterC.W.
Courtesy Our Folk - Hart Family Genealogy - ourfolkgen.com

Sarah: Census: 18880 Elmwood, Peoria, Ill

Census: 18880 Elmwood, Peoria, Ill
name rel age born in occupation father born mother born
Sara G. Jones: self-widowed48PaKeeping HousePAPA
Edward Jones: son16ILGrocery ClerkNYPA
Flora Jones: dau13ILAttending SchoolNYPA
Harriett Jones: dau10ILAttending SchoolNYPA
Courtesy Our Folk - Hart Family Genealogy - ourfolkgen.com

Loomis: Directory of Advertisers in Elmwood Observer, Firday June 1, 1866
Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, and Caps.
Queensware, Glassware, & Yankee Notions.
Bradleys Patent, Duplex, Elliptical Hoop Skirts.
Live Geese Feathers for Sale.
All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for Goods.
Remember the place, No. 5 Lincoln Block, Elmwood, Ill.
Having newly fittet up their Premises, they
are now prepared to supply Customers with a fine assortment of all articles in their
line, as cheap as any other House in town.
Call and examine our stock, and satisfy yourselves.
No trouble to show goods.

-- Loomis --
Was a partner with Joseph Aikens Vandervoort in W. E. Phelps & Co, a stock company
for the purpose of working in wood and iron in Peoria Illinois in 1866. L. F. Jones and
William Douglass each superintended the company for a period of time.
After being bought out by the Phelps interest, he partnered with
William H. Douglass and Mr. Vandervoort in Douglass & Co in Elmwood, Illinois.

L. F. Jones was the 'Elmwood Township Supervisor' in 1869.

Operated the Emlwood Fanning Mills with J. A. Vandervoort.

Loomis: Census: 1870 Peoria, Elmwood, Ill
L. F. Jones;44;Merchant;NY
Sarah G. Jones;38;wife;Penn
Charles M. Jones;;at home;Canada
James E. Jones;6;;IL
Flora Jones;3;;IL
Miles Jones;75;retired;Mass
Pamelia Jones;64;wife;Canada
Anna Uslene;22;Domestic;Sweden

Loomis: 1870 Directory Elmwood, Illinois
JONES & VANDERVOORT - Keep a full stock
of Dry Goods, Furnishings, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Caps, Carpeting, &.
They also have in their employ a first-class Tailor,
so that persons can be accomodated with goods ready-made or unmade.
They are among the early settlers in the place, and are known
to be gentlemen of enterprise and
reliability, identifying themselves with every progressive feature of the place.

-- Loomis --
History of Peoria County says that Mr. Jones of 'Vandervoort and Jones' died June 19, 1871.

Loomis: email from Laury Huey Nov 2006

I just read the 154 page probate for Loomis that I received yesterday, including his will. In it, he provided for the support of his parents after his death and expressed the wish that they remain with Sarah. Eventually, Sarah took her children to Galesburg to be educated at Knox College. Perhaps that is why the parents are not with her in the 1881 census. The probate records indicate payments, first to Sarah and then Mrs. Venn, for the 'old folks.' Eventually, there are pay outs from the estate to cover the funeral expenses of both. Also included are accountings for the estate on Palace of Trade letterhead and detailed inventories of the stock.

- Eleanor was born on 30 MAR 1829 in Elery Twp, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 28 APR 1910 (age: 81) in Peoria, Ill

Sister - Sarah Maria Jones (Douglass) 1831-1910 - Sarah was born on 18 APR 1831 in Near Jamestown, N.Y. and died on 10 DEC 1910 (age: 79) in Galesburg, Ill

- Washington was born on 7 APR 1833 in Jamestown, Chataqua Co., NY and died on 24 JAN 1900 (age: 66) in Elmwood, Illinois

Brother - Darius Benjamin Jones and Wife. - credit to: 'Tod's Slice Of The Web' by Tod Marshall - Darius was born on 9 AUG 1834 in Jamestown and died on 29 JAN 1918 (age: 83) in Miller, NE

- Henrietta was born on 25 DEC 1837 in Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 13 JUL 1866 (age: 28)

- Maria was born on 9 MAY 1840 in Sidney, Hastings Co., Ontario and died on 9 MAY 1918 (age: 78) in Elmwood, Peoria Co., Ill

- Amelia was born on 17 JAN 1836 in Chataqua Co., NY and died on 6 APR 1899 (age: 63) in York CO., NE

- John was born on ABT 1839 in Illinois and died on 18 FEB 1861 in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Emaline was born on 31 MAY 1841 and died on 8 JUN 1841 (age: 0) in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Elizabeth was born on 1845

- Angeline was born on 1847 and died on 30 MAR 1861 in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Oscar was born on 30 JUL 1849 in Knox Co., Ill and died on 29 AUG 1921 (age: 72) in Bradshaw, York Co., NE

- Milea was born on 6 MAR 1851 and died on 26 NOV 1852 (age: 1) in Elba Twp., Knox Co. Ill

- Miles, Sr. was born on 28 JUL 1764 in Coventry, Conn. and died on 17 APR 1812 (age: 47) in Otis, Ma

- Mehitable was born on 7 JUN 1771 in Sandisfield, Ma and died on 8 MAY 1812 (age: 40) in Otis, Ma.

- Asa was born on 4 JUN 1765 in Watertown Ct and died on 27 NOV 1847 (age: 82) in Stockton, Chautauqua Co., NY.

- Isabel was born on ABT 1765

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