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Norwood Albert Hart 29 JUL 1920 - 27 FEB 2006

Norwood was born on 29 JUL 1920 in Peoria, Ill and died on 27 FEB 2006 (age: 85) in Boca Raton, Fl and was buried in Woofer Lake behind 2040 Deer Creek CC Blvd .
He was the son of Albert Thomas Hart (3 OCT 1895 - 1 NOV 1982) and Norma Elizabeth Douglass (Hart) (29 JUL 1895 - 27 JAN 1989).

Norwood was married to Jean Young Lidster (Hart) on 21 APR 1945.

Jean was born on 7 AUG 1922 in Chicago, IL .
She is the daughter of Ralph Eaton Lidster (7 APR 1888 - 10 DEC 1946) and Edith Michel Young (Lidster) (6 AUG 1889 - 5 JUL 1978).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Norwood Fielding Hart (8 SEP 1871 - 10 APR 1936)
Albert Thomas Hart (3 OCT 1895 - 1 NOV 1982)
Magdalena Reuter (Hart) (14 FEB 1871 - 10 DEC 1936)
Norwood Albert Hart
William Henry Douglas (26 AUG 1853 - 22 NOV 1923)
Norma Elizabeth Douglass (Hart) (29 JUL 1895 - 27 JAN 1989)
Blanche Amy Hoffman (Douglas) (1 JUL 1867 - 3 AUG 1946)

- Jean Lidster and Norwood Hart

Wife - Jean was born on 7 AUG 1922 in Chicago, IL

Son - Norwood was born on 29 MAR 1946 in Chicago, IL

Son - Morgan Park HS - 1966 - Robert was born on 27 FEB 1949 in Chicago, Ill.

Son - Jonathan Hart - 1961 - Jonathan was born on 28 OCT 1954

Son - Bill Hart and Jung Kim - Taken at Disney World. 2004 - William was born on 26 APR 1961 in Chicago, IL

Father - Albert Thomas Hart
1895-1982 - Albert was born on 3 OCT 1895 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 1 NOV 1982 (age: 87) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Mother - Norma was born on 29 JUL 1895 in Illinois and died on 27 JAN 1989 (age: 93) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Norwood: WW-II Draft Registration

WW-II Draft Registration

: Wedding Photo - Al Hart is the Best Man

Wedding Photo - Al Hart is the Best Man


Jean Young Lidster attended Denison and Northwestern Universities before running into an old boy- friend from Morgan Park High School, Nord Hart, on a train to work.
They began dating again and were soon married. She accompanied him to his last few military posts, before returning to Chicago when she was pregnant.

Worked for her father at J. D. Neilson Leather Cut Sole before she got married.

After graduating from Depauw University Norwood Albert Hart served as an Army officer, as a 1st Lt., towards the end of World War II, but was stateside in the food procurement field, the vocation of his father.

He was nearing the completion of an MBA from Harvard through the Army when his wife, Jean, became pregnant.

He then left the Army to return to Chicago where he worked for his father about 10 years at the South Water Market as a produce wholesaler. This was mostly to aid his father in the business since his older brother,Albert D. Hart, Sr., had pursued another line of work.

Realizing that remuneration from this job was not commensurate with his educational background, he worked as a business machine salesman for many companies, including 'Electrofile' and 'Underwood Typewriter', and 'Acme Visible Records', each being bought out by a larger company.
His products were forerunners of computers, doing many of the same things databases on computers did later. The biggest problem he faced in his career was constantly competing against IBM.

Electrofile machine

Eventually, he became too old in the eyes of his last employer and retired at age 53.
The irony is that his father-in-law, Ralph Eaton Lidster, invested heavily in IBM during the depression.
Part of the money from those investments were what cushioned Nord's retirement years.

Jean: Wedding Announcment

Wedding Announcment

Norwood: Albert D. Hart, Sr, Albert Thomas Hart, Harold Hart, Norwood Hart

Albert D. Hart, Sr, Albert Thomas Hart, Harold Hart, Norwood Hart

-- Jean --
Jean was a pianist and organist who taught many years and played in a band with Nord.
She was very active in the Beverly Hills University Club which sponsored scholarships to deserving high school graduates.
The club's main fund-raiser was a yearly play (mostly musicals) in which she and Nord participated heavily each year as musicians, singers, dancers, or actors.
They even served a term as presidents of the club.

Through their affiliation with the club and their band, they led a very active social life and made many life-long friends.


Norwood: Norwood Hart Family Convertible

'I remember when Dad came home with that brand new '57 Ford Fairlane 500 convertible. He finally traded in the old '49 Ford station wagon he got when he was working for Grandpa at the South Water Market. (Woody and I used to like to watch the road go by underneath it through the rotted holes in the rear floor of the car on the way up to Shorewood.) I 'm pretty sure they used it to deliver produce back in the day.

Being a typical Ford in the day the convertible had lots of problems it seems. Anyway, he traded it in on the new white '59 Cadillac which Woody rolled it into a ditch somewhere around Bethany Beach in '61 or '62 when he was 16 or 17. It had to be towed back to Chicago. I don't remember how we all got home. Possibly in Grandpa's '62 Buick. The 59 Caddy was traded for a one year old black '64 Caddy Sedan DeVille in ''65. The picture was taken in front of 9646 Hoyne with dad, Nonnie and me in front and mom, Woody and Jon in the back.' (Bob Hart 2020)

Nord was a musician who played saxophone and clarinet in high school and college.
He later joined and often led many bands in the Chicago and South Florida areas, quitting only when macular degeneration of his eyes prevented his reading music.
It was one of the greatest disappointments of his life giving up that life-long love.

After a long struggle, Nord died from COPD, having been a life-long smoker

Jean and Nord lived at 9646 S. Hoyne in Chicago, and then at 10120 S. Hoyne.
Then they moved to Deer Creek Country Club Blvd in Deerfield Beach, Fl.

Norwood: Norwood Hart family

Norwood Hart family

-- Norwood --
Norwood Albert Hart and Norwood Alan Hart(top), Jonathan, Robert, and Jean Young Hart (bottom)

Norwood: Nord and Brother Al in Brigadoon at the University Club.

Nord and Brother Al in Brigadoon at the University Club.

Grandson - Kevin was born on 12 APR 1974 in West Sacramento, California

Granddaughter - Cheryle Florence Haythorne and Robin Ashley Hart - California 2010 - Robin was born on 11 APR 1976 in Mather AFB, California

Grandson - Dustin was born on 6 JUL 1985

Grandson - Robert was born on 10 MAR 1991 in Champaign, Ill.

Granddaughter - Hollis was born on 12 JUN 1992

Grandson - Jay was born on 7 APR 1975

Granddaughter - Jennifer was born on 27 JUN 1984 in Pesotum, Champaign, IL

- Madelyn was born on 14 NOV 2006

- Claire was born on 22 MAR 2008

- Cody was born on 1 MAY 1996

- Haisling was born on 2 OCT 2021

- Jonathan was born on 9 NOV 2017

Brother - Albert, Sr was born on 2 JUN 1916 in Peoria, Ill and died on 29 JUL 2003 (age: 87) in Boca Raton, Fl

First Cousin - Alan was born on 15 AUG 1929 in Harvey, Cook, Illinois and died on 19 AUG 2015 (age: 86) in Augusta., Ga

- Jean was born on 1 JUL 1922 in Chicago, Ilinois and died on 26 JAN 2008 (age: 85) in Birmingham, AL

First Cousin - Virginia Ann Hart - Virginia was born on 30 AUG 1930 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 30 APR 1962 (age: 31) in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Jerry, Sr was born on 26 JUL 1935 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Frank was born on 28 MAY 1920 and died on 1 JUN 1920 (age: 0)

First Cousin - Bret Harte Inn - Norma was born on 28 NOV 1921

- Carl was born on 6 JAN 1925

- Keith was born on 29 SEP 1928

- Ruth was born on 10 APR 1931 and died on 11 OCT 1986 (age: 55)

- Arthur was born on 6 JUN 1934

Grandfather - Norwood Fielding Hart
1871-1936 - Norwood was born on 8 SEP 1871 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 10 APR 1936 (age: 64) in Chicago, Ill.

Grandmother - Magdalena Reuter (Hart)
1871-1936 - Magdalena was born on 14 FEB 1871 in Peoria Co., Ill and died on 10 DEC 1936 (age: 65) in Peoria Co., . Ill

Grandfather - William Henry Douglass
1830-1896 - William was born on 26 AUG 1853 in Canada and died on 22 NOV 1923 (age: 70) in Peoria, Ill.

Grandmother - Blanche was born on 1 JUL 1867 in Marianna, Ark. and died on 3 AUG 1946 (age: 79) in Peoria, Ill.

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