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Alan Hart Drake 15 AUG 1929 - 19 AUG 2015

Alan was born on 15 AUG 1929 in Harvey, Cook, Illinois and died on 19 AUG 2015 (age: 86) in Augusta., Ga .
He was the son of Claude Keaton Drake (12 SEP 1889 - 24 DEC 1958) and Margaret Lillian Hart (Drake) (29 OCT 1892 - 30 AUG 1979).

Alan was married to Elizabeth L. Browning (Drake) on 3 JUL 1952.

Elizabeth was born on 16 FEB 1930 in Ft Lauderdale, Fl .
She is the daughter of Dudley Browning and Horvell Ruth (Browning) .
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Alan was married to Evelyn Dianne Kelley (Drake) on 13 APR 1963.

Evelyn was born on 28 APR 1940 .
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Charles Morris Brown (1 OCT 1865 - 19 MAR 1943)
Claude Keaton Drake (12 SEP 1889 - 24 DEC 1958)
Cora Ellen Drake (Brown) (22 JUL 1868 - 18 OCT 1942)
Alan Hart Drake
Norwood Fielding Hart (8 SEP 1871 - 10 APR 1936)
Margaret Lillian Hart (Drake) (29 OCT 1892 - 30 AUG 1979)
Magdalena Reuter (Hart) (14 FEB 1871 - 10 DEC 1936)

- Alan Hart Drake and Evelyn Dianne Kelley

- Elizabeth was born on 16 FEB 1930 in Ft Lauderdale, Fl

- Alan was born on 29 AUG 1956 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

- David was born on 29 MAY 1959 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and died on 2 JUN 1980 (age: 21) in Cocoa Beach, Fl

Wife - Ft. Lauderdale HS - 1958 - Evelyn was born on 28 APR 1940

Daughter - Kelley Denise Drake - taken in 1979 - Kelley was born on 18 FEB 1964

Daughter - Christina Elizabeth Drake - taken in 1979 - Christina was born on 9 SEP 1970 in Ohio, USA

Margaret Hart (Drake), Claud K. Drake, Jean Lois Drake, Alan Hart Drake - Claude was born on 12 SEP 1889 in Blountsville, Henry County, Indiana and died on 24 DEC 1958 (age: 69) in Pompano Beach, Broward Co, Fl

Mother - Margaret Lillian Hart (Drake)
1892-1979 - Margaret was born on 29 OCT 1892 in Peoria, Ill and died on 30 AUG 1979 (age: 86) in Birmingham, Ala.

- conducting the Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society

-- Alan --
Alan was a Music teacher.
was living in Augusta Ga, in 2004.


Dr. Alan Drake has devoted the last fifty years to the musical profession where he has served as performer, educator, conductor and administrator. He earned his bachelor's degree at the University of Miami, and his Master's and Ph.D. degrees from Florida State University. He taught instrumental music for thirteen years in Florida, and then held professorships at Purdue University, The University of Southern Mississippi, Ohio Northern University, and Augusta State University where he is Professor of Music Emeritus.

He has been the Musical Director of the Augusta Concert Band since 1992, and was Principal Clarinet of the Augusta Symphony under Harry Jacobs from 1982 until 1989.

Dr. Drake has performed chamber music throughout his career and is an enthusiastic supporter of it. He was a founding member of the Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society and has served two terms each as board member, Vice-President, President, and Assistant Artistic Director.

He has directed six European concert tours and has been a guest conductor, clinician, adjudicator or soloist in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Columbia, Venezuela, and nineteen of the United States. Very active in professional organizations, he served as the Vice-President and Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the 3000-member National Band Association, as music panelist for the Georgia Council of the Arts, and he has held other similar posts.

Alan: email from Cheryl Collins - July 2009
My brother and I were students under Alan Drake in the 60 s, shortly before he left to go to Purdue. Pompano Beach Senior High School band was one of the best in the state of Florida under Dr. Drake s leadership. I played flute and my brother played trombone.

Both of my older sisters played under his direction, one playing flute and the other playing clarinet and oboe. He was certainly an inspiration to all of us and even though I was only a student of his for a year, he instilled in me a deep appreciation for music. I still have my flute and still occasionally play for church services. Was just looking his name up to see what he was doing and happened onto your site. So glad he had such a wonderful career. He was definitely the best!

Alan: Obituary - Augusta Chronicle 2015 AUGUSTA, Ga. - Dr. Alan H. Drake, Professor of Music Emeritus, Augusta State University, died on August 19, 2015, four days after his 86th birthday.

Dr. Drake served as chairman of the music department of Augusta College/ Augusta State University from 1982 - 1996. Dr. Drake received his Bachelor's of Arts degree from the University of Miami in 1951, Master of Music Education from Florida State University in 1957 and Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education also from Florida State University in 1965. He served as Director of Bands in Belle Glade, Florida and Pompano Beach Senior High School from 1951-1964. Drake quickly built one of the top band programs in the state of Florida.

His college career included Assistant Director of Bands at Purdue University, Director of Bands and Chairman of the Music Department at the University of Southern Mississippi, Director of Bands and Chairman of the Music Department at Ohio Northern University and finally Chairman of Fine Arts and Director of Bands at Augusta College/Augusta State University.

In addition to Dr. Drake's conducting successes, he remained a world-class clarinetist, performing with the Ft. Lauderdale Symphony and the Augusta Symphony as well as an active recitalist. He was also deeply involved in the Augusta arts community. In 1992, he resurrected the Augusta Concert Band and served as the conductor until 2002.

From 1992 - 2009 he served in various capacities with the Harry Jacobs Chamber Music Society: on the Board of Directors, as Vice President, President and Artistic Director. Dr. Drake is survived by his wife of 53 years, Evalyn, his son Bruce and daughter Christina. Four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren also survive him.

- Jean was born on 1 JUL 1922 in Chicago, Ilinois and died on 26 JAN 2008 (age: 85) in Birmingham, AL

First Cousin - Albert, Sr was born on 2 JUN 1916 in Peoria, Ill and died on 29 JUL 2003 (age: 87) in Boca Raton, Fl

First Cousin - Norwood was born on 29 JUL 1920 in Peoria, Ill and died on 27 FEB 2006 (age: 85) in Boca Raton, Fl

First Cousin - Virginia Ann Hart - Virginia was born on 30 AUG 1930 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 30 APR 1962 (age: 31) in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Jerry, Sr was born on 26 JUL 1935 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Charles was born on 1 OCT 1865 in Delaware Co, In and died on 19 MAR 1943 (age: 77) in Grand Blanc, Genesee Co, Mi

- Cora was born on 22 JUL 1868 in Blountsville, Henry, Indiana and died on 18 OCT 1942 (age: 74) in Grand Blanc, Genesee, Michigan

Grandfather - Norwood Fielding Hart
1871-1936 - Norwood was born on 8 SEP 1871 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 10 APR 1936 (age: 64) in Chicago, Ill.

Grandmother - Magdalena Reuter (Hart)
1871-1936 - Magdalena was born on 14 FEB 1871 in Peoria Co., Ill and died on 10 DEC 1936 (age: 65) in Peoria Co., . Ill

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