Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)'s Family

Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner) 19 JUN 1922 - 18 MAR 2008

Alice was born on 19 JUN 1922 in Lincoln, Ill. and died on 18 MAR 2008 (age: 85) in Tempe, AZ .
She was the daughter of George Walter Kimball (6 DEC 1888 - 29 SEP 1941) and May Valborg Christofersen (Kimball) (16 MAY 1888 - 17 OCT 1933).

Alice was married to Marvin Floyd Spooner on 19 DEC 1945 in San Diego, Ca.

Marvin was born on 18 FEB 1925 in Toledo, Ohio and died on 1 JAN 1961 (age: 35) in Petersboro, N.H. and was buried in Mt. Auburn - Cambridge, Ma .
He was the son of Marvin Ray Spooner (11 SEP 1893 - JUN 1966) and Wanda Scholenberger (Spooner) (1892/1893 - 3 FEB 1964).
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- Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)

- Fifth Street Illico Service Station- Lincoln Illinois -
The Illico Company required its gas station attendants to step forward on the driveway and wait there to greet approaching customers.

- Marvin was born on 18 FEB 1925 in Toledo, Ohio and died on 1 JAN 1961 (age: 35) in Petersboro, N.H.

Daughter -
Tempe HS
- Alden was born on 19 MAY 1953 in Cambridge, Mass

- Anne was born on 19 MAY 1953 in Cambridge, Mass.

Father - George Walter Kimball -
photo courtesy of Robert Howland Kimball
and Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball.
- George was born on 6 DEC 1888 in Hingham, Mass. and died on 29 SEP 1941 (age: 52) in Flossmoor, Ill

Mother - May Valborg Christofersen -
July 5, 1915 at wedding of Arthur Christofersen and Julia Rau
- May was born on 16 MAY 1888 in Chicago, Ill. and died on 17 OCT 1933 (age: 45) in Elgin, Illinois

Notes for Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)
attended Western College for Women, Oxford, Ohio - B.A. in 1943 - and Hiram College during the summers of 1947, 1948 and 1949. Received a M.A. from the Boston University Graduate School in 1952.

In the 1940 Census, Alice Jo ss
Secy of Music Festival in Fish Creek, Door Co., Wisc for 26 years. Alice Jo is on the Board of Directors Emeritus of the Music Festival.
After Mark died, she raised her girls, living the winters in Tempe, AZ and the summers
in Wisconsin.

After Mark graduated from College, he and Alice Jo
decided to work on a ranch outside Phoenix Ariz for a year until
he was accepted at Harvard, the following year, Rec'd his M.A. in 1951.

Notes for Marvin Floyd Spooner
was a Teaching Fellow in constitutional law with Mark deWolf Howe.
Mark taught 'European History' at Harvard, also
Political Science and English History. Then went to Boston U. in a team teaching group.
He died of a sudden heart attack while on a ski trip with friends and with
his twin daughters.

Alice: Illico Independent Oil
Alice's step mother, Marjorie Beach's family owned ILLICO which was a string of Independant Gas stations in Illinois. Marjorie wanted to make sure that Alice inherited her 1/3rd of Illlico when she died, so she formally adopted Alice in 1938.

Later, after Marjorie passed away, this proved to be quite helpful in asserting Marjorie's wishes over those of her other family members, who would be just as happy if the ownership stayed in the family.

Finally, about 1964, Illico was sold and Alice received the value for her inheritance. She gave a major part of this to her brother, Paul Kimball, so he could share in the inheritance.

Alice: letter from James Melvin Kimball to George Walter Kimball in 1934.
'I tell your Pa I see now where sister Jo. got her name from.

They must have taken it from that old Sch. grandpa K. built in 1827.

It was common enough to name a vessel after a girl, why not name a girl after a vessel! (Note: One of Wilbraham Kimball's schooners was named the Alice Josephine. This quote refers to her Aunt Alice Josephine Kimball (Stoddard).)

Grandson - Mark Harold Onsager -
taken about 2002
- Mark was born on 16 MAR 1985 in Phoenix, AZ

Brother - Paul Earle Kimball
1916-1989 - Paul was born on 19 NOV 1916 in Cornell, Ill. and died on 22 JUL 1989 (age: 72) in Indianapolis, Ind

- Arthur was born on 1908 in Washington, DC and died on 1996

- Warren was born on 11 NOV 1909 and died on ABT 2002

First Cousin - James A. Kimball, Robert H. Kimball, and James H. Kimball -
photo courtesy of Robert Howland Kimball
and Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball.
- James was born on 25 AUG 1908 in Hingham, Mass and died on 2 SEP 1965 (age: 57) in Hingham, Mass

- Albert Sr was born on 6 NOV 1908 in Hingham, Mass and died on 14 JAN 1980 (age: 71) in Weymouth, Mass

- Alice was born on 12 NOV 1916

- June was born on 14 JUN 1916

- Beatrice was born on 16 APR 1918

- Mabel was born on 18 NOV 1921

- Howard was born on 9 AUG 1923 in Chicago, IL

- Arthur was born on 6 MAY 1925

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