Warren Young Kimball's Family

Warren Young Kimball 11 NOV 1909 - ABT 2002

Warren was born on 11 NOV 1909 and died on ABT 2002 .
He was the son of Arthur Herbert Kimball (13 MAR 1875 - 24 AUG 1924) and Helena Moriah Kimball (25 JUN 1878 - JUL 1975).

Warren was married to Eulalie A. (Kimball) .

Eulalie was born on 22 JUL 1896 and died on 6 JUL 1993 (age: 96).
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- Eulalie was born on 22 JUL 1896 and died on 6 JUL 1993 (age: 96)

- Arthur was born on 13 MAR 1875 and died on 24 AUG 1924 (age: 49)

Mother - Helena Moriah Kimball 1878-1975 -
photo courtesy of Robert Howland Kimball
and Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball.
- Helena was born on 25 JUN 1878 and died on JUL 1975

Notes for Warren Young Kimball
married Eula - no children - lived in Mass.

Warren: email Oct 2007
There was a Eula Kimball and a Warren Kimball who lived in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Do you think these are the two from our family branch? --- Yes, Eula and Warren were my aunt and uncle. Uncle Warren was my mother's (Helena M. Kimball King) brother. I didn't know him very well, but my mother was always so happy when he and Eula came to visit our home in San Jose, CA.

He was a former fire chief and editor (?) of a fire prevention magazine for a number of years. (I'd have to check with my older siblings to get more information on that.) Uncle Warren wrote religious books which were a bit too heavy for my young taste. I think I still have one of his books somewhere. He was a faithful correspondent with his mother, my grandmother, and she would share his letters with me when I'd stop by to visit (in San Jose, CA, where we lived).

He would always write about his daily activities and would tell her how many clams (oysters?) he'd brought up from the bay that day. I have seen pictures of Uncle Warren in his rubber wetsuit, face mask and flippers, and that was quite a sight!! None of us nieces and nephews felt particularlyclose to Uncle Warren and Aunt Eula, and we chalked that up to the fact that they had no children and didn't seem to appreciate us! (But we were just little kids, so what did we know?) Patty Mendenhall

- Arthur was born on 1908 in Washington, DC and died on 1996

Helena died on 4 AUG 0069

First Cousin - James A. Kimball, Robert H. Kimball, and James H. Kimball -
photo courtesy of Robert Howland Kimball
and Eliana Marcia Villela Gomes Kimball.
- James was born on 25 AUG 1908 in Hingham, Mass and died on 2 SEP 1965 (age: 57) in Hingham, Mass

- Albert Sr was born on 6 NOV 1908 in Hingham, Mass and died on 14 JAN 1980 (age: 71) in Weymouth, Mass

- Alice was born on 12 NOV 1916

First Cousin - Paul Earle Kimball
1916-1989 - Paul was born on 19 NOV 1916 in Cornell, Ill. and died on 22 JUL 1989 (age: 72) in Indianapolis, Ind

First Cousin - Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)
1922-2008 - Alice was born on 19 JUN 1922 in Lincoln, Ill. and died on 18 MAR 2008 (age: 85) in Tempe, AZ

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