Arthur Wilbur Christofersen's Family

Arthur Wilbur Christofersen B: 6 MAY 1925

Arthur was born on 6 MAY 1925 .
He is the son of Arthur Fridtjof Christofersen (1 JUN 1886 - 30 OCT 1964) and Julia Maria Rau (Christofersen) .

Arthur was married to Audrey Lamb (Christofersen) .

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Father - Arthur Fridjtof Christofersen - Arthur was born on 1 JUN 1886 and died on 30 OCT 1964 (age: 78)

- Julia was born in Naperville, Ill.

Notes for Arthur Wilbur Christofersen
graduate of Oberlin College & Chicago Theological Seminary married on 6-27-49 in Auburn, ME to Audrey Lamb b. 10-28-25 a graduate of Oberlin Conservatory of Music. Children:

Arthur: WW-II Draft Registration

WW-II Draft Registration

Lois Marie Christofersen b. 7-13-50 graduate of U of Illinois School of Nursing married to Dennis Huminiak b. 4-21-45 They have two boys: Joseph Arthur Huminiak b. 12-11-77 & Nicholas Aaron Huminiak b. 11-29--82. Lois lives in Chicago

Arthur Frederick Christofersen b. 7-7-52 graduate in photograpy from Southern Illinois U lives in Aurora, IL

Jon Eric Christofersen b. 6-8-56 graduate of Southern Illinois U Medical School.
Married 10-27-84 to Theresa Nyberg b. 5-17-56 who was previously married to a Jerry Lynd with whom they had two sons, Nathan Lynd & Tim Lynd. Jon & Theresa have two children: Jessica Christofersen b. 2-5-86 &

Michael Jon Christofersen b. 8-13-88 They live in Batavia, IL

Scott Howard Christofersen b. 9-30-69 graduate of Ripon College in Psych and Philosophy now completing a masters degree in counseling from Antioch U in Seattle, WA where he currently lives.

- June was born on 14 JUN 1916

- Beatrice was born on 16 APR 1918

- Mabel was born on 18 NOV 1921

- Howard was born on 9 AUG 1923 in Chicago, IL

First Cousin - Paul Earle Kimball
1916-1989 - Paul was born on 19 NOV 1916 in Cornell, Ill. and died on 22 JUL 1989 (age: 72) in Indianapolis, Ind

First Cousin - Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)
1922-2008 - Alice was born on 19 JUN 1922 in Lincoln, Ill. and died on 18 MAR 2008 (age: 85) in Tempe, AZ

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