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Harold Hansel Hart 5 AUG 1899 - 27 OCT 1975

Harold was born on 5 AUG 1899 in Parkview Cemetery, Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 27 OCT 1975 (age: 76) in Peoria, Ill. and was buried on NOV 1975 in Parkview Cmty. .
He was the son of Norwood Fielding Hart (8 SEP 1871 - 10 APR 1936) and Magdalena Reuter (Hart) (14 FEB 1871 - 10 DEC 1936).

Harold was married to Margaret Ann Schmidgall (Hart) on 12 JUL 1923 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il.

Margaret was born on 19 AUG 1901 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 17 JUL 1999 (age: 97) in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and was buried in Parkview Cemetery, Peoria, Peoria Co., Il .
She was the daughter of Adam Carl Schmidgall (B: 21 NOV 1868) and Lena Pauline Myers (Schmidgall) (B: 1872).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Fielding Hart (30 AUG 1841 - 16 APR 1891)
Norwood Fielding Hart (8 SEP 1871 - 10 APR 1936)
Margaret Louisa Handasyde (Hart) (6 MAR 1842 - 1911)
Harold Hansel Hart
Franz Reuter (13 NOV 1838 - 1 DEC 1892)
Magdalena Reuter (Hart) (14 FEB 1871 - 10 DEC 1936)
Margareta Zettelmaier (Reuter) (9 JUN 1843 - 1880)

- Harold Hansel Hart and Margaret Scmidtgall (Hart)

Wife - Margaret was born on 19 AUG 1901 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 17 JUL 1999 (age: 97) in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

Daughter - Virginia Ann Hart - Virginia was born on 30 AUG 1930 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 30 APR 1962 (age: 31) in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Jerry, Sr was born on 26 JUL 1935 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

Father - Norwood Fielding Hart
1871-1936 - Norwood was born on 8 SEP 1871 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 10 APR 1936 (age: 64) in Chicago, Ill.

Mother - Magdalena Reuter (Hart)
1871-1936 - Magdalena was born on 14 FEB 1871 in Peoria Co., Ill and died on 10 DEC 1936 (age: 65) in Peoria Co., . Ill

-- Harold --
In 1930 he was listed as a bookkeeper for a Lock Company. Played a Langstile III banjo, which he lent to Norward Alan Hart and then got passed on to Richard Dixon Hart. he played banjo for an orchestra in Peoria, Ill.

Harold: Draft Registration 1918

Draft Registration 1918

-- Margaret --
- on 8/31/1992 the Today Show mentioned that Katheren Schmidgall of Peoria was 106 years old. Was she related to our family?

Harold: Marriage Registration 1923 - Peoria

Marriage Registration 1923 - Peoria

Harold: WWII Draft Registration

WWII Draft Registration

Harold: 1950 Census - Peoria, Ill

1950 Census - Peoria, Ill

Harold: Albert D. Hart, Sr, Albert Thomas Hart, Harold Hart, Norwood Hart

Albert D. Hart, Sr, Albert Thomas Hart, Harold Hart, Norwood Hart

Harold: Harold Hart
Services for Harold H. Hart, 78, of 4014 N. Grand Blvd., a retired accountant will be at 1 p.m. at Wilton Mortuary. Burial will be in Parkiew Cemetery.

Friends may call at the martuary from 6 to 9 tonight and Masonic rite will be htere at 8:30. memorials may be sent to the Peoria-Tazewell County Heart Association.

Mr. Hart died Monday morning at St. Louis Airport where he was changing plance on route from Birmingham, Ala.

An accountant for many years, he formerly was with Foremost Electric Co. and later with Grawey Electric Co. before retiring in 1962.

He was born in Peoria Aug. 5, 1899, and had lived at the current address for 22 years. He was a son of Norwood and Lena reuter Hart, and married Margaret Schmidgall in Peoria July 12, 1923.

Mr. Hart was a member of Clarence E. Baker Lodge 1114 AF&AM and Abbas Grotto.

He had been secretary of the Peoria Casting Club since 1942 and secretary of the Calumet Bowling League since it was organized. He was also a member of the Peoria Federation of Musicians.

Surving are his wife, one son, Jerry Lee of Munich, Germany; two grandchildren; one brother, Albert of Pompano Beach, Fla. and one sister,
Mrs. Marguereta Drake of Birmingham, Ala. One daughter, Mrs. Virginia Hess preceeded him in death.

Harold: Harold Hart was the Best
The death Monday of Harold Hart a the St. Louis airport should not be dismissed with a fletting notice in the obituary page. In the area of bowling, Hart was something special.

Is there anyone in this world who can surpass Hart's record of having served as secretary of the same bowling league for an outstnding 40 years? I think not.

The Calument league of which Hart was secretary is soemthing speical too. In existance for 57 years, it is the third oldest league in the entire country...

'Their will never be another secretary like Hart', Bob Hatten, past president of the Calumet said yesterday: 'He did so many extra things during the season, it's hard to remember them all. we never ceased to marvel over the information and financial reports he gave us. He was a self-appointed historian. This was the way Hart thought. He was always one step ahead of everyone else.'

(Jim Obert - Peoria Journal - Oct 30, 1975)

-- Harold --
Harold Hart and his Brother Albert Hart used to shoot pool in the Lyons Life Building at the corner of Main and Jefferson in Peoria. In the same building was the old Peoria Radio station, and there they ran into radios personalities such as Amos and Andy, and Fibber McGee and Moly who were involved in early Peoria radio. (as related by Jerry Lee Hart, Sr 1/2011)

- Pamela was born on 13 APR 1954 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Il

- Jerry, Jr was born on 16 JUN 1962

- Stephen was born on 10 MAR 1963 and died on 10 MAR 1963 (age: 0)

- Samantha was born on 13 MAR 2007

Sister - Margaret Lillian Hart (Drake)
1892-1979 - Margaret was born on 29 OCT 1892 in Peoria, Ill and died on 30 AUG 1979 (age: 86) in Birmingham, Ala.

Brother - Albert Thomas Hart
1895-1982 - Albert was born on 3 OCT 1895 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 1 NOV 1982 (age: 87) in Pompano Beach, Fl

- Alexander was born on 1 SEP 1904

- Robert was born on 22 FEB 1910 in Peoria, Ill and died on 17 DEC 1972 (age: 62) in Gallatin, Mo

- Anita was born on 4 SEP 1905 in Peoria., Ill

- Frieda was born on 30 JAN 1902 and died on 1990

- Frank was born on 18 SEP 1903

- Albert was born on 27 JUN 1906 and died on OCT 1975 in Peoria, Ill

- Lena was born on 4 AUG 1908 in Scott, Illinois and died on JUL 1987 in Peoria, Illinois

First Cousin - Dorothy Reuter (Marx), Albert Gustax Marx and Albert Raymond Marx - taken in Peoria, Ill - 1978 - Dorothy was born on 12 MAY 1911 and died on 17 DEC 1986 (age: 75)

- Frederick was born on 13 JUL 1914 and died on AUG 1980 in Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois

- Fielding was born on 30 AUG 1841 in Fleming Co., Ky. and died on 16 APR 1891 (age: 49) in Peoria, Ill.

- Margaret was born on 6 MAR 1842 in Peoria Co., Ill. and died on 1911

Grandfather - Franz Reuter
1838-1892 - Taken at time of departure for the United States (1856) - Franz was born on 13 NOV 1838 in Strassgiech Bavaria and died on 1 DEC 1892 (age: 54) in Peoria, Ill

Grandmother - Margarete Zettelmaier (Reuter)
1843-1880 - at age 16. - Margareta was born on 9 JUN 1843 in Schezlitz, Bavaria and died on 1880 in Peoria, Ill

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