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Andrew James Smith 10 APR 1970 - 10 JUL 1988

Andrew was born on 10 APR 1970 in Holland, Michigan and died on 10 JUL 1988 (age: 18) in Holland, Mi and was buried on 13 JUL 1988 in Pilgrim Home Cemetary, Holland, Michigan .
He was the son of James Melvin Smith (B: 11 MAY 1942) and Barbara Jean Hart (Smith) (B: 31 JAN 1943).

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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Loren Hubert Smith (31 JUL 1916 - 17 FEB 1989)
James Melvin Smith (B: 11 MAY 1942)
Rosemary Hope Clamme (Smith) (14 APR 1917 - 19 APR 2011)
Andrew James Smith
Albert Douglass Hart, Sr (2 JUN 1916 - 29 JUL 2003)
Barbara Jean Hart (Smith) (B: 31 JAN 1943)
Ruth Amelia Bibbins (Hart) (8 DEC 1917 - 4 FEB 2006)

- West Ottawa High School 1987

Father - James Melvin Smith
1942- - James was born on 11 MAY 1942 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., in

Mother - Morgan Park HS - Chicago - 1961 - Barbara was born on 31 JAN 1943 in Chicago, Ill

Andrew: With G&G Hart

With G&G Hart

Andrew: with Grandpa Hart

with Grandpa Hart

Andy had just graduated from West Ottawa High School and was planning to attend Grand Rapids Community College. He and Tim Dewitt, a fellow classmate and football buddy, spent the night at the Bay Haven Marina on the family sailboat Dutch Chocolate. He was electrocuted while swimming in the water near the boat.

A power boat in the adjacent slip was connected to the 110 volt shore power and had developed a short in an 110 volt electrical light fixture. The current was emitting out into the surrounding water and grounding out to a steel pipe at the end of the dock. Andy was seen swimming to this post and when he grabbed onto it he sank below the surface. Another boater saw him go down and dove into the water to try and help him but when he was in the water he could feel the current and was paralyzed as well and had to be pulled out by yet another boater.

At the time it was not known where the source of the electrical current was coming from and rescue workers would not go into the water until the main power source was disconnected. This took far too much time and five hours later Andy's body was recovered.

In his memory a scholarship fund was established in 1989 through the First United Methodist Church of Holland, Michigan to award annually three scholarships to a graduating student from West Ottawa High School, Holland, High School, and a graduate member of First United Methodist Church. Administering this scholarship is the senior pastor, educational director, chairman of finance committee, church member involved in education, and a Smith Family representative. The committee is to accept or reject the proposed candidates from the respective schools, increase or decrease the amount of the award as may be required, and if at such time the fund should be dissolved determine where should be dispersed.

$500 awarded to a senior with at least a 2.5, interested in higher education and who exemplifies the qualities of dependability, modesty, genuine concern for others, hard work, ability to lead and to follow, and demonstrates Christian ideals in daily living. Financial need a factor but not a requirement.
(List of Known Scholarships - Holland High School - Counseling Department)

Brother - West Ottawa High School 1990 - Douglass was born on 18 MAY 1972 in Holland, Michigan

- Erik was born on 1 MAR 1974 in Holland, Michigan

Sister - 2002 - Heather was born on 23 OCT 1976 in Holland, Michigan

Sister - Melinda was born on 10 JUL 1978 in Holland, Mi

First Cousin - HS 1983 Harrtford CIty, In - Lori was born on 5 DEC 1966

- Amy was born on 5 SEP 1969

- Joseph was born on 28 MAR 1977

- Oren was born on 13 OCT 1981 in Delaware Co., in

- Hannah was born on 21 SEP 1985 in Delaware Co., in

First Cousin - Cherry Creek HS - 1988 - Cara was born on 10 DEC 1970 in Bloomington, Ind

First Cousin - Emily Anne Hart
1974- - Emily was born on 13 MAR 1974 in Englewood, Colo

First Cousin - Jacob Hart (b. 1980) - Taken in 2003 at home Littleton, Co. - Jacob was born on 4 OCT 1980

First Cousin - James was born on 4 OCT 1987

Grandfather - Hartford City High School - 1935 - Loren was born on 31 JUL 1916 in Grant Co., in and died on 17 FEB 1989 (age: 72) in Bonita Springs, Fl

Grandmother - Rosemary was born on 14 APR 1917 in Upland, Ind and died on 19 APR 2011 (age: 94)

Grandfather - Albert, Sr was born on 2 JUN 1916 in Peoria, Ill and died on 29 JUL 2003 (age: 87) in Boca Raton, Fl

Grandmother - 1959 - on Talman Avenue in Chicago - Ruth was born on 8 DEC 1917 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 4 FEB 2006 (age: 88) in Boca Raton, Fl

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