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Abby Lane Rogers (Winfield) 22 DEC 1875 - 27 AUG 1952

Abby was born on 22 DEC 1875 in Madison, Indiana and died on 27 AUG 1952 (age: 76) and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Ind .
She was the daughter of Joseph Goodwin Rogers (23 NOV 1840 - 11 APR 1908) and Margaret Smith Watson. (Rogers) .

Abby was married to Maurice Johnson Winfield, Jr on 1 JUN 1897 in Logansport, IN.

Maurice, Jr was born on 1872 and died on 11 MAY 1911 and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Logansport, Ind .
He was the son of Maurice Winfield, Sr (27 JAN 1841 - 1 DEC 1921) and Johnson Jessie (Winfield) .
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Joseph Hamilton Davees Rogers (11 AUG 1805 - 26 FEB 1885)
Joseph Goodwin Rogers (23 NOV 1840 - 11 APR 1908)
Abby Goodwin Lane (Rogers) (13 JAN 1818 - 11 AUG 1878)
Abby Lane Rogers (Winfield)
Dr William Hartley Watson., II (29 JAN 1812 - 20 MAY 1868)
Margaret Smith Watson. (Rogers)
Charlotte Schell (Watson.) (4 APR 1815 - 3 NOV 1860)


S1 Rogers Genealogy

- Maurice, Jr was born on 1872 and died on 11 MAY 1911

Daughter - Jane was born on 7 OCT 1906 and died on 4 FEB 1980 (age: 73) in Zionsville, Ind.

Daughter - Maurice was born on 2 FEB 1906 in Logansport, IN

- Margaret was born on 19 AUG 1904 in Logansport, IN and died on 20 JUL 1982 (age: 77) in Lafayette, in

Father - Joseph was born on 23 NOV 1840 in Madison, Indiana and died on 11 APR 1908 (age: 67) in Logansport, IN

-- Abby --
Mrs. Abby Winfield lived in Lafayette, Ind in 1943.

Educated at Miss Bond's School, Baltimore, MD, Abby was a Presbyterian. Maurice graduated from Princton in 1895.


Winfield side of the family. From left to right: great Aunt Mary, Great Aunt Muggie( Margaret) my grandmother Abby Lane Rogers (Winfield). All three sisters. The man is Aunt Maggie s husband. (from Nancy Johnston (Marinos) 2020)

Maurice, Jr: email from Nancy Johnston Marinos - Feb 2010
Maurice Johnson Winfield was my grandfather, my mother's father. He died when she was three years old. He was a lawyer in Logansport. He had a flat tire in his car and was thrown out of the car and killed.

After that my grandmother, Abby Rogers Winfield, moved her family, ( Margaret, Maurice but known as Bud, and my mother, Jane), to Lafayette where they lived with her sister and her sister's husband, Bert Stuart. They lived with them for years. My grandmother made baby clothes for LS Ayers to support the family but they lived with 'Great Aunt Mary' until my Mother married my father.

Abby: Remembrance
Mrs. Maurice Winfield - Prominent in women's activities of Logansport a few years ago was Mrs. Maurice Winfield. Mrs. Winfield was a native of Madison, Ind. where she began her education continued in Logansport and at Miss bond's school for girls in Baltimore, Md. she is the daughter of the late Dr. Joseph G. Rogers, former superintendent of Central Hospital, Indianapolis, superintendent of buildings four years at Logansport State Hospital and twenty years medical superintendent of the latter institution. the family came here from Indianapolis and from this city Mrs. Winfield, then Miss Abby Rogers, went to Baltimore.

Upon completion other education Miss Rogers married Maurice J. Winfield, son of the late judge and Mrs. M. m. Winfield of Logansport. her husband was educated at Princeton and during their Logansport residency was engaged in the real estate business in offices of his father. here the couples three children Maurice J., Jan, now Mrs. Henry Johnston of Indianapolis, and Margaret now Mrs. Robert Woodworth of Lafayette were born. Mr. Winfield passed away while the children were young and the family moved to the home of Mrs. Margaret Rogers, Mrs. Winfield's mother. Later when Jane and Maurice attended Purdue university, Mrs. Winfield moved to Lafayette. There she has maintained residence. He son is engaged in the insurance business in Lafayette.

Mrs. Winfield is a sister of Mrs. Charles Campbell, 214 sixteenth street.

Logansport Pharos-Tribune
Tuesday, June 14, 1938 Logansport, Indiana

Maurice, Jr: History of Cass County Indiana

Car Crash

Abby: Former Local Resident dead
Mrs. Abby Winfield rites at Lafayette

Final rites will be held this afternoon at Lafayette for Mrs. Abby R. Winfield, 76, resident of this city for 227 (sic) years. Her death occurred in Lafayette Wednesday.

Services will be at 1;30 at the Bradshaw funeral home. the rev. J. Daytoa McCormick will officiate and burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery.

The Winfield family lived in the 500 block of High Street, Mrs. Winfields husband Maurice J. Winfield, died in 1911.

Born Dec. 12, 1875, in Madison she was the daughter of Dr. Joseph and Margaret Watson Rogers. She was a member of the central Presbyterian church.

Survivors are a son and two daughters: Maurice Winfield, West Lafayette; Mrs. Robert c. Woodworth, Lafayette; Mrs. Henry Johnston, Zionsville; a sister Mrs. Charles H. Steuart, Lafayette.

Logansport Press
Friday, August 29, 1952 Logansport, Indiana

Maurice, Jr: THE CLASS OF 1895 - PRINCETON UNIVERSITY - 25th Year Record 1895-1920
Went to Howe Grammar School in Lima, Ind., entering Princeton in 1891

After leaving college he studied law in his father's office at
Logansport, Ind., and was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1896.

He continued in the practice of law in Logansport for ten or
twelve years thereafter. In 1910 he engaged in the real estate
business, specializing in Indiana farm mortgages.

On June 1, 1897 he married Miss Abby R. Rogers. They had
three children ; Margaret Rogers Winfield, born August 19, 1904 ;
Maurice J. Winfield, Jr., born February 2, 1906 ; Jane Winfield,
born October 19, 1907. He died at Logansport May 12, 1911.

Maurice, Jr:
From the class of 1895, Princeton University, decennial record, 1895-1905
Maruice Johnson Winfield

Lawyer, 400 Broadway, Loganport, Ind.

Married: Abby Rogers, June 1, 1897 Logansport, Ind.

Winfield studied law in his father's office at Logansport and was admitted to the Indiaia bar im 1896.
He has been practicing in Logansport ever since that time.
He promised to write a letter for the book if I would send him a duplicate for 'Blue Circular No. 10' - which I did at once,
and about which I reminded him four of five tines.

For a while Winfield was the most bashful letter write in the class; but he has since been outclassed by that triumvirate of sphynxes, Foster, McNitt and Miller.

Maurice, Jr: Death Certificate

Death Certificate

Granddaughter - Abby - 1965 - Abby was born on 16 MAR 1940 in Indianapolis, Ind

Granddaughter - Nancy was born on 3 AUG 1942

Granddaughter - Margaret was born on 23 APR 1934 in Lafayette, Ind. and died on 25 JUN 1999 (age: 65) in Tuscon, AZ

- Holly was born on 17 JAN 1973 in Albion, Michigan

Great Granddaughter - Katherine was born on 5 JUL 1970

- Christos was born on 28 FEB 1965 and died on 31 OCT 2020 (age: 55)

- Watson was born on 1873 and died on 1875

- Dr Lynn was born on 1877 and died on 2 DEC 1936

Sister - Marie was born on 25 MAR 1879 in Indiana and died on 25 NOV 1954 (age: 75) in Lafayette, in

Sister - Margaret was born on 1 SEP 1888 in Logansport, IN and died on 23 JAN 1952 (age: 63) in Lafaette, IN

- Joseph was born on 11 AUG 1805 in Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky and died on 26 FEB 1885 (age: 79) in Jefferson County, Indiana

- Abby was born on 13 JAN 1818 and died on 11 AUG 1878 (age: 60) in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana

- Dr William, II was born on 29 JAN 1812 in Bedorrd, Bedford, PA and died on 20 MAY 1868 (age: 56) in Bedorrd, Bedford, PA

- Charlotte was born on 4 APR 1815 in Schellsburg, Pa and died on 3 NOV 1860 (age: 45) in Bedford, PA

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