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Winant Pullis Johnston 2 JUL 1890 - 26 JAN 1960

Winant was born on 2 JUL 1890 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died on 26 JAN 1960 (age: 69) in Arlington, VA and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery .
He was the son of William Pullis Johnston (1867 - 1915) and Francis "Fanny" Woods (Johnston) (B: 1870/1871).

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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Samuel Andrew Johnston, Sr. (22 JUN 1835 - 16 MAR 1907)
William Pullis Johnston (1867 - 1915)
Estelle Pullis (Johnston) (25 JUL 1846 - 1930)
Winant Pullis Johnston
Francis "Fanny" Woods (Johnston) (B: 1870/1871)

- Wynant Pullis Johnston

- William was born on 1867 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died on 1915

- Francis was born on 1870/1871 in Ohio

- Winant Johnston on right - - member of the Constitution Committee. 9/10/37, at the unveiling of the new 3 cent stamp

- French Legion of Honor - Grade of Chevalier (this one is Audie Murphy's)

-- Winant --
Winant was a Capt U.S. Army, Author.

Winant: Draft Registration

Draft Registration

-- Winant --
received the 'Chevalier of Legion of Honor' award in 1933 for service to France when, as a US Army officer, he was billeted with the French Army in 1918. Lived in Georgetown in 1933.

Winant: Indianapolis Star- Aug 13, 1933

A member of an old Indianapolis family that has been around these
parts for a number of generations has been signally honored
by the French government.
Capt.Winant P. Johnston, brother of
Russell W. Johnston, was recently made a
chevalier of the Legion of Honor receiving his decoration
at the French Embassy in Washington, from M. Andre de Laboulaye,
the French ambassador.

The medal of the Legion of Honor is a five-rayed star of white
enamel edged with gold surmounted with a wreath of oak and laurel
and suspended from a red ribbon.
The French order of merit was founded by Napolean in 1802,
its medal conferred for meritorious conduct in military or civil life.

Capt. Johnston, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania,
saw service ocerseas with the English, French and American armies
and was wounded in action.His interests extend in many directions.
Finishing a course in architecture at Pensylvannia, he became
interested in sculpture and painting and has had exhibitions
of his work.
He is also an author. You may recall his novel,
'Eyelids of the Morn.'
During the war he was interested in aerial photography.
At the time of the Paris colonial exposition he was
assistant United States commisioner there.

At present he has an attractive place in Georgetown which has
a fascinating atmosphere and is filed with olf French furniture.

-- Winant --
Degree in Architecture from Univ. of Penn. Spent much time abroad
studying modeling and painting, then lived in Wash. D.C. (1943)
Mentioned in 'Art & Artists of Indiana' - 1921 - living in Philadelphia, Pa.
- Pupil of Charles Grafley, sculptor. - Penn. Acad. of Fine Arts.

Winant: Eyelids of the Morn

Wrote 'Eyelids of the Morn' (name spelled Wijnant on title page).
Also wrote 'Young Innocents'

Washington Evening Star, March 17, 1929

Winant: BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH from: Indiana Historical Society - Manuscripts & Archives WINANT P. JOHNSTON PAPERS, 1916-1919
Winant P. Johnston (ca 1890 - ca 1955) was born in Indianapolis. He attended the University of Pennsylvania. During
the first World War he was a pioneer in aerial reconnaissance, and wrote a textbook on aerial photography.

Between World Wars he moved to Washington, D. C., and had a house at 3417 N Street in Georgetown, which he
had converted from a fish store. In the late 1920s, under the Dutch version (Wijnant) of his first name, he published a
novel entitled Eyelids of the Morn. In 1939 he was working in a library in Brittany; he left France on the last available
ship at the outbreak of war.

During World War II Johnston was a Lieutenant Colonel, stationed in Washington and having to do with Lend-Lease
supply of munitions to South American allies.

This collection, filling two folders, contains a narrative written on the back of six photographs. It was sent to Julia G.
and Anna T. Sharpe of Indianapolis. The author was doing aerial photography with occupation troops near Coblenz on
the Rhine; internal evidence indicates that the narrative was written early in 1919 while the Versailles Settlement was
being written. Johnston refers to Germany as 'Bocheland,' describes the mooring and communication lines of an
observation blimp, and describes the fortifications of Ehrenbreitstein across the Rhine from Coblenz. A portrait of
Johnston is included.

-- Winant --
Had an exhition of Sculptures at The Corcoran Museum of Art, in Washington, DC, in April 1922.

Winant was one of the partners in the 'Pullis Realty Co.' which
owned and managed the properties in the 2100 block of N. Delaware
in 1956.

Named for his great-grandmother Eliza Winants.

Winant: Internment Form

Internment Form

Brother - Indianapolis Star - Nov 12, 1932 - Russell was born on 30 NOV 1890 and died on 16 MAY 1937 (age: 46) in indianapois, IN

First Cousin - Henry Adams Johnston
(1906-1979) - Henry was born on 26 MAY 1906 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died on 21 NOV 1979 (age: 73) in Zionsville, Ind.

- Estelle was born on 18 JAN 1910 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 8 OCT 1911 (age: 1) in Indianapolis, Ind

First Cousin - Dorothy was born on 5 JUN 1911 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 21 AUG 1955 (age: 44) in Indianapolis, Ind.

Grandfather - Samuel A. Johnston
1830-1907 - Samuel, Sr. was born on 22 JUN 1835 in Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana and died on 16 MAR 1907 (age: 71) in Indianapolis, Ind

- Estelle was born on 25 JUL 1846 in New York City, NY and died on 1930 in Indianapolis, Ind.

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