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Charles Ambrose Dugan 1861/1862 - 1935

Charles was born on 1861/1862 in Indiana and died on 1935 .
He was the son of William Dugan (B: 1831/1832) and Frances Green (Dugan) (B: 1835/1836).

Charles was married to Fannie B. Dorwin (Dugan) on 30 JUN 1890 in Decatur, Indiana.

Fannie was born on 7 NOV 1862 in Indiana and died on 19 NOV 1959 (age: 97) in Decatur Co., Indiana .
She was the daughter of Thomas Tyron Dorwin (1837/1838 - 1 MAY 1894) and Samantha Naomi Porter (Dorwin) (B: APR 1837).
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
William Dugan (B: 1831/1832)
Charles Ambrose Dugan
Frances Green (Dugan) (B: 1835/1836)


S1 Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties, Indiana
S2 1979 History of Adams County, Indiana

Wife - Fannie was born on 7 NOV 1862 in Indiana and died on 19 NOV 1959 (age: 97) in Decatur Co., Indiana

Son - Francis was born on 11 APR 1891 in Indiana and died on 22 DEC 1967 (age: 76) in Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana

Daughter - Naomi was born on 22 SEP 1894 in Indiana and died on ABT 1920

Daughter - Dorothy was born on 28 MAY 1896 in Indiana

Daughter - Helen was born on 19 DEC 1902 in Indiana and died on DEC 1978

- William was born on 1831/1832 in Mahoning, Mercer Pennsylvania

- Frances was born on 1835/1836 in Penn.

-- Charles --
Was Superindentent of Schools in 1890.

Charles: First National Bank of Decatur, Indiana

For 25 years the active management of the First National Bank of Decatur, Indiana was in the hands of Charles A. Dorwin. He was made the banks third president in 1922.

His efforts to make it one of the best banks possible were ably seconded
by his directors and office force. Was president of the bank until his death in 1935.

It was the only bank in Decatur that remained open during the depression year of 1930.
One of the other two banks was forced closed on Friday, June 13th, 1930.
The other failed to open its doors the next day.

Fannie: Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011

Name: Fanny Dugan
Fanny Dorwin
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 97
Marital status: Widowed
Birth Date: 7 Nov 1862
Birth Place: Indiana
Death Date: 18 Nov 1959
Death Place: Decatur, Adams, Indiana , USA
Father: Thomas T. Dorwin
Mother: Samatha Porter
Informant: Frances Dugan; daughter; Decatur, Ind.

Charles: Dugan House Museum

The Charles Dugan House in Decatur, Indiana has been retained, restored, and turned into a Museum,

Charles A. Dugan didn't set out to be a banker. He fell in love with a banker's daughter, married her and built her dream house for her. She designed it in 1899, it was finished in 1902. Charles stayed in Decatur, Indiana and became the town banker after his father-in-law had long passed.

The Dugan's had four daughters, but one died while her daughter was still young, and the Dugan's raised their granddaughter, Margaret, in this house as well.

Their first daughter, Francis, never married and lived in the house until her death in 1967.

This lovely old place, uniquely and comfortably designed for its time, was by then, run down and in rough shape. Covered with vines, badly in need of paint and restoration, the newly organized Adams County Historical Society wanted to buy it, but didn't have the money. Somehow, they cobbled things together with the will of their supporters and purchased the beautiful old home for $17,000. And, now, this wonderful jewel allows us all to step back through time.

from: http://marysramblins.blogspot.com/search/label/Charles%20A.%20Dugan

The Charles Dugan house is now the site of the Adams County Historical Museum. It was purchased at a public auction in 1968 for $17,250.00.

During the first year the museum was visited by some Dugan relatives, Mr. Louis and Mrs.Fannie Haerle of La Jolla, Calif., Mrs. Dorothy Goodrich of New York City and Peggy Morton Kimabll with son and husband from Indianapolis.

(excerpted from 1979 History of Adams County, Indiana)

-- Charles --
Living with his mother in law in 1900 Census

Charles: Census: 1900 Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana

Census: 1900 Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana
name relation born age mar status born in father born mother born occupation
Samantha Dorwin: headApr 183763WdOhioPennPenn
Hannah Goeders: sisterSpet 183267WdOhioPennPenn
Charles A. Dugan: son in lawFeb 186238md 10IndianaPennIndianaBanker
Fannie Dugan: daughterNov 186237md 10IndianaOhioOhio
Frances D. Dugan: g-daughterApr 18919sIndianaIndianaIndianaAt school
Naomi Dugan: g-daughterSept 18945sIndianaIndianaIndiana
Dortha Dugan: g-daughterMay 18964IndianaIndianaIndiana
Cora B. Barber: servantFeb 188020SOhioOhioOhioServant
Courtesy Our Folk - Hart Family Genealogy - ourfolkgen.com

Charles: Census: 1920 Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana - 428 Monroe Ct.

Census: 1920 Decatur, Adams Co., Indiana - 428 Monroe Ct.
name relation age born in father born mother born occupation
Charles A. Dugan: head58IndianaIndianaIndianaBanker
Fanny D. Dugan: wife56IndianaIndianaOhionone
Francis D. Dugan: dau25IndianaIndianaIndianacollege teacher
Dorothy Dugan: dau22IndianaIndianaIndianahigh school teacher
Helen K. Dugan: dau17IndianaIndianaIndianaStudent
Ida Alerding: servant23IndianaGermanyGermanylaborer - house
Margaret Morton: granddaughter2IllinoisWisconsinIndiananone
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Willshire Herald
Van Wert County, Ohio
Thurs., Aug. 1, 1935


Charles A. Dugan, 73, president of the First State Bank of Decatur for the past 14 years and widely known in midwest banking circles, died at his home Saturday morning of a heart attack.

Mr. Dugan had been in poor health for a number of years. He suffered from asthma, but continued active in business until Wednesday, July 24, when his condition became worse and he retired to his home. He had been a resident of Decatur for 50 years and interested in the banking business for 40 years. He held a prominent place in the business life of that town.

Mr. Dugan was well known in this community having been interested in the Willshire Bank for many years.

Surviving besides the widow, are three daughters, Miss Frances Dugan of Boston; Mrs. Louis Haerle of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Ralph T. Unkefer of Philadelphia and three grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the home, Rev. Geo. O. Walton, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial was in the Decatur cemetery.

Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011
Name: Charles A Dugan
Gender: Male; Race: White; Age: 73; Marital Status: Married
Birth Date: 17 Feb 1862; Birth Place: Sedan Indiana
Death Date: 27 Jul 1935; Death Place: Denton, Adams, Indiana, USA
Father: William Dugan; Mother: Francis Green;
Spouse: Fannie Dorwin Dugan, informant
Burial: 7/30/1935, Decatur Cemetery

Granddaughter - Margaret Morton - 1968 - Margaret was born on 1 MAY 1917 in Evanston, Illinois and died on 1 JAN 2005 (age: 87) in Indianapolis, Indiana

Granddaughter - Anne was born on 10 OCT 1925

Great Granddaughter - Margaret - 1968 - Margaret was born on 21 AUG 1947 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Great Grandson - James Morton Kimball
1959-2001 - James was born on 27 APR 1959 in Indianapolis, IN and died on 1 MAY 2001 (age: 42) in Florida Gulf Coast

- Sarah was born on 1856/1857 in Michigan

- Flora was born on 1858/1859 in Indiana

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