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SophinaThorn (Adams)

SophinaThorn was married to Luke Adams .

Luke was born on 1755 in Prince Georges, Maryland .
He is the son of Absalom Adams, Sr. (1727 - 1790) and Elizabeth Fothergill (Adams) (1730 - 1790).
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S1 Nelson and Tinkle Famiies

- Luke was born on 1755 in Prince Georges, Maryland

- Reuben Sr. was born on 1778 in Henry, Virginia and died on 1826 in Marion County, Ind

- Walter was born on 1778 in Montgomery, Va and died on 3 AUG 1825 in GARRARD, KY

Notes for Luke Adams
referred to as Luke of Mass.

Luke: email from Lucille Adams Smith - June 2007
I have proof that Reuben Adams is NOT the son of Luke Adams. If you are interested, please let me know. I descend through Luke Adams three different ways.

These are my lines.

Luke Adams Elijah Adams & Francis Tatum Emily Adams Married Hamilton Shelton Sarah E. Shelton married William R. Williams Generva Adams married George M. Adams And Luke Adams John Adams & Susannah Childress Elijah Adams, Jr.& Sarah Mitchell Lucy Ann Adams married cousin Joseph M. Adams George M. Adams & Generva Williams Adams And Luke Adams Elijah Adams & Francis Tatum Henry Adams & Sarah Childers Joseph M. Adams & Lucy Ann Adams (COusins) George M. Adams & Generva Williams Adams I don't know for sure who the parents of Reubin Adams are, but he is not listed as one of the children of Luke Adams. Luke's children are: Walter Adams, Margaret 'Peggy' Adams who intermarried with Travis Rodgers, John Adams, and Elijah Adams. I have a probate file. Walter and Margaret were deceased so their children are also named. Walter married Feathergail's daughter. I am also interested in the proof of Susannah Thorn as the wife of Luke as I didn't have the name of his wife.

Lucille *An additional note October 2008: Luke Adams is a son of Matthew & Elizabeth Adams of Rowan Co., Nc according to will of Matthew Adams.

- Harrison was born on 24 APR 1813 in New Bethel, Ind. and died on 26 JUN 1889 (age: 76)

- Benjamin was born on 1825 in Kentucky and died on 1868 in Bethel, Marion, Indiana

- Simeon was born on 11 MAY 1804 in Kentucky and died on 1 DEC 1878 (age: 74)

- Reuben Jr. was born on 28 APR 1817 in Liberty, Ky. and died on 6 MAR 1866 (age: 48) in Indianapolis, Ind.

- William was born on ABT 1825

Great Grandson - Henry Sr. was born on 8 APR 1844 in Indianapolis, Ind and died on 14 NOV 1910 (age: 66) in Indianapolis, Ind

- Alice was born on 1846 and died on 1890 in Indianapolis, Ind.

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