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Joseph Russell Smith 12 AUG 1944 - 21 OCT 1998

Joseph was born on 12 AUG 1944 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., in and died on 21 OCT 1998 (age: 54) in Hartford City, Indiana and was buried in Ioof Cemetary, Hartford City, Indiana .
He was the son of Loren Hubert Smith (31 JUL 1916 - 17 FEB 1989) and Rosemary Hope Clamme (Smith) (14 APR 1917 - 19 APR 2011).

Joseph was married to Paula Kay Adkins (Smith) on 20 DEC 1964.

Paula was born on 18 SEP 1945 .
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Clarence Raymond Smith (APR 1893 - 1962)
Loren Hubert Smith (31 JUL 1916 - 17 FEB 1989)
Chloe Olivia West (Smith) (31 MAR 1891 - 1979)
Joseph Russell Smith
John Henry Clamme (12 SEP 1876 - 4 FEB 1937)
Rosemary Hope Clamme (Smith) (14 APR 1917 - 19 APR 2011)
Bessie Ethel Groves (Clamme) (22 OCT 1879 - 8 SEP 1935)

- Paula was born on 18 SEP 1945

Daughter - HS 1983 Harrtford CIty, In - Lori was born on 5 DEC 1966

- Amy was born on 5 SEP 1969

- Joseph was born on 28 MAR 1977

Father - Hartford City High School - 1935 - Loren was born on 31 JUL 1916 in Grant Co., in and died on 17 FEB 1989 (age: 72) in Bonita Springs, Fl

Mother - Rosemary was born on 14 APR 1917 in Upland, Ind and died on 19 APR 2011 (age: 94)

-- Joseph --
Did farming in Blackford County, Indiana and founded Smith & Assoicates a consulting firm for working with meat and food processing facilities. Later expanded the business to include his brother Jim who worked in Michigan.

Joseph: Smith & Associates

Smith & Associates is a consulting company founded in 1976 by Joseph R. 'Joe' Smith in Hartford City, Indiana. Mr. Smith was a registered professional sanitarian and former facilities coordinator between the United States Dept. of Agriculture, Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS) and the Indiana State Board of Health. With this background he was able to bring a level of practicality in the interpretation of the USDA/FSIS Regulations for Meat and Poultry Inspection and work with our various clients to 'smooth over the rough spots of dealing and negotiating with various local inspectors at the federal as well as state and local level.

In 1990 James M. 'Jim' Smith, Joe's brother, came on board with Smith & Associates. Having worked within the meat industry as an industrial engineer and subsequently as a sales engineer with the equipment industry for the design and implementation of slaughtering, cutting, and further processing systems this brought to Smith & Associates the added expertise of familiarity with actual in-plant production operations for the red meat, poultry, fish, and food industry.
Smith & Associates combines professional individuals with expertise in a variety of food, processing disciplines including:

Slaughtering - Red Meat and Poultry

Processing - Raw and Heat Processed Products

Allied Areas - Docks, Storage, Employee & USDA Areas

Regulatory Interpretations

Smith & Associates reservoir of associates consists of industry specialists with degrees from well established universities including Purdue, Michigan State, Indiana State, Indiana and Ball State. This strong educational background provides our clients with a variety of industry experience and knowledge in a multitude of areas.

-- Paula --
was living in Hartford, City, Indiana in 2006.

-- Joseph --
Died of colon cancer.

Joseph: Obituary


Brother - James Melvin Smith
1942- - James was born on 11 MAY 1942 in Hartford City, Blackford Co., in

Brother - Jack Smith - Jack was born on 19 SEP 1947 in Blackford Co., Ind

Sister - 1969 Hartford City HS - Jalene was born in Hartford City, Indiana

- Charles was born on 1 JUN 1945 in Hartford City, Blackford Co. in and died on 31 MAY 1973 (age: 28) in Lafayette, ind

- William was born on 18 OCT 1944 in IN

- Carolyn was born on 25 JAN 1940 in Lafayette, in

- John was born on 29 DEC 1942 in Blackford Co., in

- Robert was born on 25 MAY 1945 in Blackford Co., in

- Nancy was born on 24 JUL 1949 in Blackford Co., in

Grandfather - Clarence R. Smith Family - X2 - Clarence was born on APR 1893 in Ohio and died on 1962 in Hartford City, Indiana

Grandmother - Chloe was born on 31 MAR 1891 in Madison Twp., Tipton Co., Indiana and died on 1979 in Hartford City, Indiana

- John was born on 12 SEP 1876 in Blackford Co., in and died on 4 FEB 1937 (age: 60) in Blackford Co., in

Grandmother - 1897 - Bessie was born on 22 OCT 1879 in Blackford Co., in and died on 8 SEP 1935 (age: 55) in Blackford Co., in

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