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Amy Fulper Rake (Hoffman) 17 JUN 1804 - 3 OCT 1858

Amy was born on 17 JUN 1804 in Flemington, N.J. and died on 3 OCT 1858 (age: 54) in Eaton, Ohio and was buried in Mound Hill, Preble Co., Ohio .
She was the daughter of Elizabeth Rake (17 JUN 1783 - 10 AUG 1846).

Amy was married to Emanuel Little Hoffman on 17 JUL 1824 in Hunterdeon Co., OH.

Emanuel was born on 27 OCT 1800 in Flemington, Hunterdon Co., N.J. and died on 29 JUN 1878 (age: 77) in Eaton, Ohio and was buried in Mound Hill Cmty., Preble Co., Ohio .
He was the son of Isaac Huffman (23 MAR 1777 - 23 SEP 1856) and Susannah Bodine (Huffman) (B: 18 APR 1783).
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Husband - Emanuel Little Hoffman (1800-1878) - Emanuel was born on 27 OCT 1800 in Flemington, Hunterdon Co., N.J. and died on 29 JUN 1878 (age: 77) in Eaton, Ohio

Husband - Emanuel Hofffman and Amy Rake

- Montgomery was born on 26 OCT 1825 and died on 26 OCT 1825 (age: 0)

- Isaac was born on 9 SEP 1826 in Doylestown, Pa and died on 23 JAN 1891 (age: 64) in Wichita, Kansas

Daughter - Sussanah Hoffman
(1829-) -
Photo courtesy of Gay Hanlon and Carl Egetter
- Susannah was born on 31 MAR 1829 in Penn.

Son - Rutledge Hoffman
1830-1916 - Rutledge was born on 1 OCT 1830 in Doyleston, Penn and died on 30 JAN 1916 (age: 85) in St. Louis, Mo

Daughter - Ellen Elizabeth Hoffman and Naomi Clifford Brooke - Ellen was born on 1 JUN 1833 in Doylestown, Bucks, Pennsylvania and died on 14 JUN 1911 (age: 78) in Los Angeles, California

- Naomi was born on 2 NOV 1836 in Preble Co., Ohio. and died on 10 FEB 1895 (age: 58) in Preble Co., Ohio.

- Elizabeth was born on 17 JUN 1783 in Hunterdon Co., NJ and died on 10 AUG 1846 (age: 63) in Eaton, Preble Co., OH

Notes for Amy Fulper Rake (Hoffman)
- An 'Sister Amy Rake' was left $1,000 by William Fulper in a will filed in 1883. This could have been our Amy, because her middle name is Fulper. However she died mo re than 20 years before the will was filed with the last name Hoffman, and there were two other Amy Rakes in Hunterdon Co. in 1880.

Notes for Emanuel Little Hoffman
Lived near Doylestown, PA. until 1833 when he moved to Dixon Township,
Preble County, Ohio. Settled on his farm on Fourmile near Concord.
Moved into Eaton in 1849. Was known as 'Little Huff'
His father spelled his name 'Huffman' but Emanuel changed in to Hoffman.
In 1847, Emmanuel was one of the first directors of the Old State Bank
branch in Preble Co.

Amy: Original will of William Fulper of Delaware Township
...no date of writing. Filed 3 May 1883) Bequest to Elizabeth Dilts, wife of William M. Dilts, of all lands, tenements, etc. not specifically bequeathed.

sister: Amy Rake, $1000 Sarah Romaine, wife of Asa Romane, $500 Asher Fulper, $100 Executors: William M. Dilts and Henry T. Quick of Sergeantsville, H.C.

Witnesses: jacob L. Green and William J. Fisher (Handwritten note: Petitions for Administration Vol 1 page 30 Hunterdon Co) (courtesy Edna Fulper)

Emanuel: Sudden death of E. L. Hoffman
On last Saturday night, about 9 o clock, our community was shocked by the announcement that Emanuel L. Hoffman was found dead in his room.

He had been in usual health, and was on the streets the night previous, conversing with friends, as was his custom.

On Saturday evening he was missed, and some one remarked he had not been seen during the day.

He had been living in his own house since the death of his wife, some twenty years, most of the time some family occupying a portion of the dwelling.

At this time he was living alone.

At about 9 o clock his son-in-law Mr. W. M. Brooke, went to the house and knocked at his door, which was locked, but receiving no answer; feeling that something was wrong, Mr. B. forced the door, and to his sad astonishment found the old gentleman cold in death.

Dr. Stephens, who lives nearly opposite, was called, and gave it as his opinion that he had been dead several hours.

He was then removed to the house of his daughter, Mrs. John Hubbel, where he was prepared for burial, which took place on Sunday afternoon, at 3 o clock, under the direction of his brethren of the Masonic order.

Services were held at the Presbyterian Church, conducted by Rev. A. J. Reynolds.

Little Huff , as he was familiarly called, was born in Flemington, Huntingdon County, New Jersey, October 27, 1800.

He was married to Miss Amy Rake in 1822, and lived near Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

In 1833 they moved to Ohio, and settled on his present farm, on Fourmile, near Concord, in Preble County.

In 1849 they moved to Eaton and resided in the same house where they both lived and died, he at age of seventy-seven.

He leaves two sons, three daughters, nine grand children and three great-grand children to mourn his loss.

(Eaton Register - July 4, 1878)

Emanuel: Eaton Ohio Democrat, July 4, 1878
E. L. Huffman was found dead in his room on East Main Street where he lived alone.

He was last seen on Friday evening.

He was born near Flemington, Hunterdon County, N.J., October 27, 1800.

In 1822 he married Amy F. Rake who died about 20 years ago.

Moved to Preble in 1833 near Four Mile until the spring of 1849 when he came to Eaton.

Known as 'Little Huff', leaves 5 children.

Emanuel: Census: 4 1850 Census Washington Twp, Preble Co., Ohio page 238a

E. L. Hoffman : 46 NJ trader
Amy F. Hoffman : 43 NJ
Isaac B. Hoffman : 22 Penn
Susannah Hoffman : 21 Penn
Rutledge Hoffman : 18 Penn
Ellen E. A Hoffman. : 17 Penn
Naomi B. Hoffman : 13 Ohio

Emanuel: Census: 1860 Preble, Ohio

E. L. Hoffman : 59 farmer
James Albert : 40 Auditor

Emanuel: Eaton Ohio Democrat, Jan 24, 1878
E. L. Huffman has contracted with Staniland & Crawford of Dayton for a monument over the graves of his wife and mother in the Eaton Cemetery.

It will be of solid Quincy Granite, 40 feet high from base to the top of a seven foot statue.

Cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

Granddaughter - Blanche was born on 1 JUL 1867 in Marianna, Ark. and died on 3 AUG 1946 (age: 79) in Peoria, Ill.

Granddaughter - Charles Hoffman
1871-1940 - Charles was born on 21 MAR 1871 in Illinois and died on 19 SEP 1940 (age: 69) in Los Angeles, Ca

Granddaughter - Laura Dot Hoffman - Laura was born on 10 MAR 1881 in Richmond, Indiana

- Naomi was born on 27 NOV 1853 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

- Eva was born on 11 JAN 1856 in St. Louis, Mo and died on 17 DEC 1923 (age: 67) in Los Angeles, California

- Eliza was born on 19 FEB 1859 in St. Louis, Mo

- William was born on 15 APR 1870 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio and died on 6 JUN 1871 (age: 1) in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Great Granddaughter - Naomi Maria Douglass (Reich)
1893-1964 - Naomi was born on 15 OCT 1893 in Elmwood, Ill. and died on 28 NOV 1964 (age: 71) in Grass Valley, Ca.

Great Granddaughter - Norma was born on 29 JUL 1895 in Illinois and died on 27 JAN 1989 (age: 93) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Great Granddaughter - Marcia was born on 9 OCT 1898 and died on 6 JUN 1989 (age: 90) in Pompano Beach, Fl.

- George was born on 20 APR 1798 and died on 18 AUG 1881 (age: 83) in Williams Twp., Northampton, Pa

- Elias was born on 1810 in New Jersey and died on 28 APR 1873 in Hunterdon Co., New Jersey

- Asher was born on 9 DEC 1830 in Hunterdon Co., NJ and died on 25 OCT 1893 (age: 62) in Knox Co., Neb.

- John Sr was born on ABT 1740 and died on 1805 in Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ

- Elsa(Else) was born on ABT 1745 and died on BEF 13 SEP 1833

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