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Mary Skinner (Dixon) B: ABT 1790

Mary was born on ABT 1790 .

Mary was married to John Dixon on 22 DEC 1815 in Preble Co, Ohio.

John was born on 16 DEC 1788 in Virginia and died on 24 AUG 1851 (age: 62) in Preble Co, Ohio and was buried in Abondoned cemetery on Devil's Backbone Road, Camden, Preble Co., Ohio .
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- John was born on 16 DEC 1788 in Virginia and died on 24 AUG 1851 (age: 62) in Preble Co, Ohio

Son - William Demoss Dixon -
Tombstone in Elmwood Cemetery

Photo by David George Stuart
- William was born on 15 MAR 1816 in Preble Co, Ohio and died on 28 OCT 1880 (age: 64) in Yates City, Knox Co., Illinois

- Miles was born on ABT JAN 1819 in Ohio

- Jacob was born on ABT 1821 in Ohio

Son - Dixon Children - 1907 -
Emeline Dixon (Morris) at age 64, Wm. Harrison DIxon age 60, Caroline Dixon Parsall age 64.
Emeline and Caroline were twins.
- James was born on 22 DEC 1822 in Virginia and died on 17 FEB 1851 (age: 28)

- Samuel was born on ABT 1828 in Ohio

Mary: email from researcher Nov 2005
Hello Mr. Hart, I'm Darwin Davis, interested in the Skinner family in Preble Co., OH. Specifically, I read that Mary 'Polly' Skinner, matriarch of this Dixon clan and first wife of John Dixon, had a brother, Benjamin Skinner, who was a Baptist minister in the area at the time. I'm interested in knowing if you know anything about the background of this Skinner family, who apparently came to OH from NC. My own ancestor, Joshua Skinner (b. NC 1801) may well have been a younger brother of Mary 'Polly' Skinner, or a nephew. He married Cordelia Carter from Preble Co., and they named their second son Miles Dixon Skinner. Benjamin Skinner married (as minister) a brother of Cordelia Carter Skinner, so I know they all were around the same area in Preble Co.1810-1830 (and later Butler Co.).

Please let me know if you have any information on the Skinner family, or can refer me to any Preble Co. OH sources who might help me. I would be ever so grateful.

Darwin Davis

John: Census: 4 1850 Census Gasper Twp, Preble Co. Ohio, page 276a

name age born in Occ.
John Dixon : 62 Va Farmer
Dorcas Dixon : 58 Ky
George W. Dixon : 19 Oh Farmer
Mary E. Dixon : 17 Oh
Rebecca Dixon : 14 Oh

Notes for John Dixon

John: Information, from email from relative
Page: Subject: Re: George M. Dixon
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:57:02 -0500
From: Molly Barrett
To: 'David G. Stuart' No, I do not know of a picture of John Wesley Dixon or his brother, George Milton Dixon.
William D. Dixon's middle name according to my grandfather, Paul R. Dixon, was Demoss.

For William D. Dixon's parents, I did not have the C. in John C. Dixon and all I had for Mary Skinner was Polly Skinner. John Dixon was married three times. It is his third wife that is buried at Elmwood Cemetery.

Polly Skinner d. c.1829, probably in Preble Co, OH as John married second on 14 Sept 1830. I know of four children for John and Polly (Mary) Dixon: William D. Dixon, Miles S. Dixon, James Clay 'Squire' Dixon and George W. Dixon. There were probably more children. A John Dixon and a Samuel Dixon are possibly two of their children.

He also had children by his other two wives.

John Dixon was b. in VA, 16 Dec 1788, and died in Preble County, OH, 24 Aug 1851. (From Obituary Abstracts, 1850-1890, from Eaton Register & Eaton Democrat Newspapers in Eaton, Preble County, Ohio, Vol. 1, p. 8: during the 1851 time frame following an August 13, 1851 entry) Mentioned as deceased but no other information given: John Dixon.

John Dixon was buried in an abandoned cemetery located on Devil's Backbone Road, in Somers Township, near Camden, OH. His marker reads: d. 24 Aug 1851, ae 62 yr 4 mo. (Preble County, Ohio Cemeteries, p. 20) John Dixon m. (1) Preble Co, OH, 22 Dec 1815 to Polly Skinner, who wasb. NC, c. 1790, and d. OH, c. 1829. She had a brother named Benjamin.

John m. (2) Preble Co, OH, 14 Sept 1830 to Elizabeth Earhart, b. unknown, d. OH, c. 1832.

John m. (3) Preble Co, OH, 28 Nov 1832, Mrs. Dorcas (Ritchie) Runyon, b. KY, 13 May 1793, d. IL, 18 Oct 1875, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Peoria Co, IL. She was not buried in the Dixon plot but with some of the Runyon family.

John: Sept 4, 1851
Dorcas Dixon, widow of John, relinquished her right to Miles S. Dixon and Jesse M. Poyner, adm.

Bond - Oliver Boner and Jospeh McDonald.

Appraisers - Hugh Marshall, David Mikesell and Oliver Mitchell.

(Preble County, Ohio 'Common Pleas Court Records' 1842-1853 Volume II page 187)

Granddaughter - Caroline Dixon (Parsell)
1843-1908 -
w/ William Parsell
- Caroline was born on 15 SEP 1843 in Ohio and died on 26 MAY 1908 (age: 64) in Elmwood, Ill

Granddaughter - Emmeline Dixon (Hoffman)
1843-1908 - Emeline was born on 15 SEP 1843 in Camden, Ohio and died on 1 DEC 1932 (age: 89) in Peoria, Ill.

- Elnathan was born on ABT 1846 in Ohio

Grandson - William Harrison Dixon
1847-1942 - William was born on 25 JUN 1847 in Ohio and died on 8 MAY 1942 (age: 94) in Los Angeles, Ca

- Riley was born on ABT 1849 in Ohio

- Harland was born on 1867/1868 in Illinois

- Albert was born on 21 SEP 1870 and died on 1 JUN 1883 (age: 12)

Great Granddaughter - Lura Parsell (Pulver) - Lura was born on 1878 and died on 1954

Great Granddaughter - Blanche was born on 1 JUL 1867 in Marianna, Ark. and died on 3 AUG 1946 (age: 79) in Peoria, Ill.

Great Granddaughter - Charles Hoffman
1871-1940 - Charles was born on 21 MAR 1871 in Illinois and died on 19 SEP 1940 (age: 69) in Los Angeles, Ca

Great Granddaughter - Effie Helen Morris (Woodward) - Effie was born on 27 DEC 1878 and died on 15 NOV 1965 (age: 86)

- Mary was born on 12 SEP 1883 in Elmwood, Ill and died on 30 SEP 1935 (age: 52) in Springfield, Ill

Great Grandson - Harrison Robert Dixon
1874-1907 - Harrison was born on 5 APR 1874 and died on 1 AUG 1907 (age: 33) in Elmwood, Ill

- Mary was born on JUL 1876 and died on 1952

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