Abby Winfield Johnston (Mortensen)'s Family

Abby Winfield Johnston (Mortensen) B: 16 MAR 1940

Abby was born on 16 MAR 1940 in Indianapolis, Ind .
She is the daughter of Henry Adams Johnston (26 MAY 1906 - 21 NOV 1979) and Jane Johnson Winfield (Johnston) (7 OCT 1906 - 4 FEB 1980).

Abby was married to Richard David Mortensen on 12 JUN 1965 in Indianapolis, Ind..

Richard was born on 6 OCT 1939 in Rockville Center, New York .
He is the son of Stuart Mortensen (B: 15 DEC 1915) and Siona Helene Wark (Mortensen) (B: 28 JUN 1915).
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Husband - Albion College - 1972 - Richard was born on 6 OCT 1939 in Rockville Center, New York

- Holly was born on 17 JAN 1973 in Albion, Michigan

Father - Henry Adams Johnston
(1906-1979) - Henry was born on 26 MAY 1906 in Indianapolis, Ind. and died on 21 NOV 1979 (age: 73) in Zionsville, Ind.

Mother - Jane was born on 7 OCT 1906 and died on 4 FEB 1980 (age: 73) in Zionsville, Ind.

Notes for Abby Winfield Johnston (Mortensen)
was a cellege teacher and worked for the Michigan State Health Department for 7 or 8 years.
Developed the 'Safe Kids' program to required seat belt restraints for children.

: Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement

Notes for Richard David Mortensen
Was called Mort when he was young. Undergratuate Degree from Bates College in Maine,
PHD from Purdue University.

As coordinator of Michigan SAFE KIDS, Abby Mortensen is responsible for the development of new SAFE KIDS chapters and coalitions around the state; assisting in the implementation of community- based injury prevention programs; statewide dissemination of injury prevention information to children, parents and care givers; organization of child passenger safety training programs for firefighters, educators, law enforcement officers, public health workers, health and emergency care providers; and organizing and staffing car seat check up eventsfor the general public. Car seats, smoke alarms and bike helmets have been distributed to eligible low-income families in partnership with firefighters, law enforcement, and neighborhood associations.

Abby: Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

Sister - Nancy was born on 3 AUG 1942

First Cousin - Carol Hart, Sally Hart, Susie Erikson - Susan was born on 2 JUN 1944 in Cheyenne, Wy

First Cousin - Shortridge HS - Indianapolis - 1965 - Sally was born on 10 JUN 1947 in Lincoln, Ill

First Cousin - Margaret was born on 23 APR 1934 in Lafayette, Ind. and died on 25 JUN 1999 (age: 65) in Tuscon, AZ

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