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Beatrice Ruth Christofersen (McLaskey) B: 16 APR 1918

Beatrice was born on 16 APR 1918 .
She is the daughter of Arthur Fridtjof Christofersen (1 JUN 1886 - 30 OCT 1964) and Julia Maria Rau (Christofersen) .

Beatrice was married to Charles Goodrich .

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Beatrice was married to Robert M McLaskey on 1959.

Robert was born on 22 FEB 1920 and died on 27 DEC 1998 (age: 78) in Mount Vernon, Skagit, Washington .
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 ParentsGrand Parents  
Christian Christofersen (11 MAR 1851 - 1901)
Arthur Fridtjof Christofersen (1 JUN 1886 - 30 OCT 1964)
Josephine Helene Maria Larsen (Christofersen) (14 JAN 1858 - SEP 1940)
Beatrice Ruth Christofersen (McLaskey)
Julia Maria Rau (Christofersen)

Son - Steve McLaskey - Steven was born on 24 MAY 1953

- Robert was born on 22 FEB 1920 and died on 27 DEC 1998 (age: 78) in Mount Vernon, Skagit, Washington

Father - Arthur Fridjtof Christofersen - Arthur was born on 1 JUN 1886 and died on 30 OCT 1964 (age: 78)

- Julia was born in Naperville, Ill.

-- Beatrice --
graduated with a degree in music from Northcentral College, Naperville, IL, married Charles Goodrich a widower with two sons: Charles Howard Goodrich, Jr.b. 1933? Graduate of Oberlin in English, married Leslyn and they have a girl & 4 boys; Jack Goodrich b. 1935? married to Marcia Frye and they have two girls and two boys.

Beatrice & Charles had three boys:

Donald (Goodrich) McLaskey b. 2-2-50 married to Susan Hill and their children are Gregory Christofer Howard & Anna Kathleen Howard b. 12-10-87.

Steven Earl (Goodrich) McLaskey b. 5-24-53 married to
Susan Riley. William (Bill) Henry (Goodrich) McLaskey who is single.

Bea lives in Mt Vernon, Washington.

She married Robert McLaskey in 1959 at a wedding in the Sandwich, IL church where her brother Arthur Christofersen was serving at the time and officiated the wedding.

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I thought I d give your family an update on the Christofersen family and explain how I am related.
First of all, my siblings and I refer to Beatrice (Christoferson) Goodrich McLaskey as Grandma Bea. She is the step-mother of my father John I. Jack Goodrich.
Donald, Steven and Bill are my Dad s half brothers.
Bill or William Henry Goodrich McLaskey was married just on New Years eve in 2005 and at that time, Bill and his new wife Suzanne both changed their official last name to Goodrich.
William Henry Goodrich (McLaskey)
Married: Suzanne Marie Watts 12-31-2005 Creator Lutheran Church, Bonney Lake, WA.

(email from Jared Goodrich - Mar 2009)

- June was born on 14 JUN 1916

- Mabel was born on 18 NOV 1921

Brother - Howard was born on 9 AUG 1923 in Chicago, IL

- Arthur was born on 6 MAY 1925

- Raymond was born on 14 MAR 1908 in Chicago, Cook Co., Il and died on 8 FEB 1978 (age: 69) in Wisconsin

First Cousin - Paul Earle Kimball
1916-1989 - Paul was born on 19 NOV 1916 in Cornell, Ill. and died on 22 JUL 1989 (age: 72) in Indianapolis, Ind

First Cousin - Alice Josephine Kimball (Spooner)
1922-2008 - Alice was born on 19 JUN 1922 in Lincoln, Ill. and died on 18 MAR 2008 (age: 85) in Tempe, AZ

Grandfather - Cristian Christofersen - taken in 1876 - Christian was born on 11 MAR 1851 in Norway and died on 1901 in Chicago, IL

Grandmother - Josephine Helene Maria Larsen - taken in 1876 - Josephine was born on 14 JAN 1858 in Norway and died on SEP 1940 in Naperville, Il

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