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Mary Jane Chilsolm (Douglass) B: 1850

Mary was born on 1850 in Steinburg, Ontario, Canada .

Mary was married to Henry Douglass in Warren Co., IL.

Henry was born on 1844 in Stirling, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1921 in Emerson, Wayne, NE .
He was the son of Thomas Douglass (9 FEB 1805 - 17 JAN 1874) and Mary Ann Seeley (Douglass) (15 MAR 1810 - 2 JUN 1893).
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Mary Jane Chilsolm (Douglass)

- Henry was born on 1844 in Stirling, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died on 1921 in Emerson, Wayne, NE

- George was born on 11 DEC 1884 in Emerson, Mills Co., IA

-- Henry --
no info on wife. Henry had George Douglass bn 1884; Thomas Franklin Douglass, bn 1887; Ora E. Douglass, bn. 1889 and Harvey Arthur Douglass, bn. 1893. no other info on these


Henry Douglas lived southwest of Emerson. His wife was Mary J. Their children were: Amy (m. Charles Vestal); Annie, (m Lyle Bellwood); Mabel, (m. Harry Dunlap); Phoebe, (m. Hamer Smith, daughter, Louise Hevern Good, 2nd husband, Charles Crouse); George H. (m. Bessie Ungry); Ora E. (m. Laura Ballain); Thomas; Harvie D. (m. Ina Maud McDowell, daughter Clara Van Nordstrand); one chuld, Henrietta died in infancy.

(Published December, 1971 by the Emerson Centennial Historical Booklet Committee)

(1856 is probably the date Henry came to Deer Creek, and not the date of the report.)

Henry: Census: 1885 Mills Iowa, Deer Creek
Douglas, Henry; 40; / m / married / farmer / Canada / F - F
Douglas, Mary J.; 37; / f / married / Canada / F - F
Douglas, Annie A.; 12; / f / IA, Mills / F - F
Douglas, Sarah; 9; / f / IA, Mills / F - F
Douglas, Eva J.; 8 ;/ f / IA, Mills / F - F
Douglas, Phoebe; 5; / f / IA, Mills / F - F
Douglas, Mary; 3; / f / IA, Mills / F - F
Douglas, Baby; 0 ;/ ? / IA, Mills / F - F

Henry: Census: 1900 Deer Creek, Mills Co., Iowa
Henry Douglass;head;July 1844;56;m 29;Canada - Eng;Ireland;Canada;Farmer
Mary Douglass;wife;Mar 1852;48;m 29;Canada eng;Candad Eng;Canada
Mabel S. Douglass;daughter;July 1875;24;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng
Anna J. Douglass;daughter;June 1879;22;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng
George W. Douglass;son;Dec 1884;15;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng;Farm Labor
Thomas F. Douglass;son;Mar 1887;13;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng;at school
Ora E. Douglass;son;June 1890;10;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng;at school
Harvey A. Douglass;spm;1893;6;Iowa;Canada Eng;Canada Eng;at school

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