Deborah Williamson (Kimball)'s Family

Deborah Williamson (Kimball) B: 17 JAN 1959

Deborah was born on 17 JAN 1959 in Atlanta, Ga .
She is the daughter of George Williamson (B: 22 MAR 1921) and Joan Jesse Tothill (Williamson) (8 MAR 1928 - 13 FEB 2007).

Deborah was married to James Morton Kimball on 15 MAR 1992.

James was born on 27 APR 1959 and died on 1 MAY 2001 (age: 42) in Florida Gulf Coast .
He was the son of Paul Earle Kimball (19 NOV 1916 - 22 JUL 1989) and Margaret Buchanan "Peggy" Morton (Kimball) (1 MAY 1917 - 1 JAN 2005).
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Husband - James Morton Kimball
1959-2001 - James was born on 27 APR 1959 and died on 1 MAY 2001 (age: 42) in Florida Gulf Coast

Husband - Jay and Paul KImball - 1978

- George was born on 22 MAR 1921 in Delaware

- Joan was born on 8 MAR 1928 in Massachusetts and died on 13 FEB 2007 (age: 78)

Notes for James Morton Kimball
#doucment dec-2019/james-kimball-marriage-2.png Marriage to Deborah Williamson

James was a firefighter with the Alpharetta, Ga fire department for three years when he and a fellow firefighter, Eli Nichols, were lost at sea.

The two firefighters didn't return from their day of fishing on the Gulf of Mexico, and were reported missing. Hundreds of Coast Guard, police and fire personnel, including fellow firefighters from Alpharetta, searched a 40,000 square mile area for more than 80 hours, looking for their 18-foot bass boat. Finally, after four days their capsized boat and bodies were discovered. Both Kimball and Nichols had died from hypothermia.

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