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William H. Handasyde D: 1850

William was born in Scotland and died on 1850 .

William was married to Ellen Thynne (Handasyde) .

Ellen was born on JUL 1814 in England and died on 18 OCT 1867 in Peoria Co., Ill and was buried in Christ Church Cmty. .
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- Ellen was born on JUL 1814 in England and died on 18 OCT 1867 in Peoria Co., Ill

- John was born on 30 JUN 1833 in England

- George was born on 19 MAR 1836 in Illinois and died on 1 MAY 1839 (age: 3) in Peoria Co., Ill

- Ellen was born on 24 NOV 1838 in Peoria Co., Ill. and died on 5 MAY 1918 (age: 79) in Stratton Nebraska

- Margaret was born on 6 MAR 1842 in Peoria Co., Ill. and died on 1911

- Isabella was born on 22 JAN 1843 in Peoria, Co. Ill.

- Matilda was born on 26 DEC 1844 in Peoria Co., Ill.

- Frederick was born on 15 JAN 1847 in Peoria Co., Ill.

Son - George Joseph Handasyde
1849 - George was born on 6 APR 1849 in Peoria Co., Ill.

Notes for William H. Handasyde
Came to Ill about 1833. Listed in LaGrange Twp, Peoria Co.,
Ill. in 1840 census with 1 son 5-10, 1 daughter under 5)

Lord William is said to have hung himself from a tree and wasn't found
until spring. Death is listed as by suicide.

William and Ellen were among the original parishioners of Christ Church in
Limestone Twp, Peoria, Ill. in 1837. They were living in Jones Prairie.
The church is about 1 1/2 miles north of Highway 116 on Old Stone Church
Road and Fielding HART, Ellen Thynne and George NORWOOD are all
buried in the small cemetery in front of the church.

The HANDASYDES lived on what is now called Farmington Rd. about 1/2 mile
east of the church. There is an apple orchard there now.

Notes for Ellen Thynne (Handasyde)
listed as a Farmer in Limestone Co., Peoria Co., Ill in 1860 Census. They had
a farmhand, Joseph TAYLOR from Ireland in 1860.

William: Christ Church, Limestone Township, Peoria County, Illinois
'A few families brought up a baptized members of the Church of England, emigrating from England in 1833, (many from around Alconsbury, England), and meeting in the summer of 1834 on Jones', now Limestone, Prairie formed the nucleus of the Parish of Christ Church, Limestone Prairie.

They sent letters to their friends in England and received a total of 114 pounds in donations to form a church. Mrs. Handasyde received 20 pounds.

William Handasyde was among the persons signing the Articles of Parochial Association in 1837.

From 'History of Christ Episcopal Church' Extracted from Original Records by: Gerald L. Kimzey Gerald's (and our) ancestor, Henry Jones, was the carpenter during construction of the church.

Ellen: Census: 1850 Peoria, Ill

name age Occ. born in
Ellen Handysyde : 36 England
John W. Handysyde : 16 Farming England
Ellen E. Handysyde : 11 Ill
Margaret L. Handysyde : 9 Ill
Isabella M. Handysyde : 7 Ill
Matilda E. Handysyde : 5 Ill
Frederick T. Handysyde : 2 Ill
Joseph G. Handysyde : 1 Ill


Ellen: Census: 1860 Peoria Ill, Limestrome Twp, page 665

Ellen Handaside : 47 Farming England
John Handaside : 26 England
Ellen Handaside : 21 IL
Margaret Handaside : 19 IL
Isabella Handasyde : 16 IL
Joseph Handasyde : 11 IL
Joseph Taylor : 16 England

Ellen: funcing of Christ Church
The first letters to England were written in l842 from which ensued through 1843-44 an interesting correspondence, principally between the Lady Alicia Lambert (sister of the Earl of Caran) and Mrs. Euphemia Clark, detailing the progress of the work on both sides of the Atlantic. In the old Parish Register there are copies of some of the correspondence of these two 'great ladies' of their times. In fact, it seems the ladies took over raising the money for their church. Following are the donations received as recorded in the Parish Register: Mrs. Isabella Clark collected through Mrs. Galloway 25 pounds sterling, Mrs. Isabella Clark through Mrs. M. Holland 50 lbs., including 20 lbs. from Lord Kenyon (a friend of Bishop Chase for whom he later named a. college founded by him in Ohio). Mrs. Pennington 13 lbs., Mrs. Handagsyde 20 lbs. and 114 lbs by Mrs. Euphemia Clark through Lady Lambert, assisted by Mrs. A. P. Hamilton. 20 lbs of this was a gift of the Dowager Queen Adelaide who was much esteemed by her charitable nature.

- Ruth was born on 1864 and died on 13 SEP 1879 in Peoria Co., Ill.

- Charles was born on 1865 and died on 18 AUG 1888

- Mary was born on 1868 and died on 3 SEP 1879 in Peoria Co., Ill

Grandson - Norwood Fielding Hart
1871-1936 - Norwood was born on 8 SEP 1871 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 10 APR 1936 (age: 64) in Chicago, Ill.

Granddaughter - Mabel and Reta Rose Hart -
Mabel Hart (Sinclair) 1877-1953~~
Reta Rose Hart (Stacy) 1881-1943
- Mabel was born on 28 OCT 1877 and died on 22 MAY 1953 (age: 75)

- Reta was born on 24 MAY 1881 and died on 13 JAN 1943 (age: 61) in Peoria, Ill

- Mary was born on 15 SEP 1862 in Peoria Co., Ill.

- Edward was born on 1856/1866 in Illionois

- Minette was born on 1863/1864 in Illionois

Great Granddaughter - Margaret Lillian Hart (Drake)
1892-1979 - Margaret was born on 29 OCT 1892 in Peoria, Ill and died on 30 AUG 1979 (age: 86) in Birmingham, Ala.

Great Grandson - Albert Thomas Hart
1895-1982 - Albert was born on 3 OCT 1895 in Peoria, Ill. and died on 1 NOV 1982 (age: 87) in Pompano Beach, Fl

Great Grandson - Harold Hansel Hart
1899-1975 - Harold was born on 5 AUG 1899 in Parkview Cemetery, Peoria, Peoria Co., Il and died on 27 OCT 1975 (age: 76) in Peoria, Ill.

- Alexander was born on 1 SEP 1904

- Robert was born on 22 FEB 1910 in Peoria, Ill and died on 17 DEC 1972 (age: 62) in Gallatin, Mo

- Isabelle was born on 4 MAR 1893 and died on 1975

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