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of Hatton1Lord Walter of HattonBef 1149 - Of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England  
of Hereford1Earl Ralph of HerefordAbt 1026 - Of, Herefordshire, England Gytha 
of Holland7Adela of HollandAbt 980 Count Baldwin II of Boulogne 
of Holland & West Friesland3Count Arnulf of Holland & West Friesland961 - Of, Grand, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium Liutgard de Luxembourg 
of Hungary6King Andras I of Hungary1001 - Of, Esztergom. K-Esztergom, Hungary Princess Anastasiya Agmunda of Kiev 
of Iceni2King Prasutagus of Iceni Queen of Icenians / 
of Italy5Ermengarde of Italy855 King Boso I de Province 
of Ivrea1Marquis Adalbert of Ivrea947 - Italy Countess Gerberge de Bourgogne 
of Jutland4Halfdan (Sigfrid) of Jutland  
of Jutland & Vestfold1King Olaf Gudrodsson of Jutland & VestfoldAbt 800 - Of, Vestfold, Norway  
of Keldachgau1Eberhard of KeldachgauAbt 890  
of Kent1Under-King Ealhmund of KentAbt 758 - Of, Wessex, England  
of Kiev5Grand Duchess Olga of KievAbt 881 - Pskov, Pskov, Russia Grand Duke Igor of Kiev 
of Kvenland1King Fornjotor of KvenlandAbt 160 - Of, Finland  
of Landen1St. Beggue of LandenAbt 613 - Of, Landen, Liege, Belgium Mayor Ansigisen Austrasia 
of Laon1Countess Bertrada of LaonAbt 695 - Laon, Aisne, France Count Heribert / 
of Lavanthal1Count Engelbert I of LavanthalBef 1045 - Of, Karnten, Austria Hedwig Filmsbach 
of Leinster1Aoife of Leinster "Strongbow" / 
of Lenzburg1Arnold I of LenzburgAbt 965  
of Leon4King Alphonso V of Leon989 - Of, Leon, Leon, Spain Elvira 
of Leon and Castile1King Alfonso IX Fernandez of Leon and Castile15 Aug 1171 - Zamora, Leon, Spain Queen Berengeula of Castile 
of Lethra2Hraeric of Lethra Anna or Roeskilda 
of Lightfield1Isabella of LightfieldAbt 1160 Jeffery de Warenne 
of Limburg1Henry II of Limburg1110 Matilda von Saffenburg 
of Louvain9Adele of LouvainAbt 940 Raynier III of Louvain 
of Lubech2Malk of LubechBef 918 - Of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine  
of Maine2Blichilde of MaineAbt 794 - Of, Maine, Normandy, France Count Roricon of Maine 
of Maurienne1Bertha of Maurienne21 Sep 1051 Henry IV of Bavaria 
of May1Bishop Herold of May  
of Mercia1Earl Alfgar of MerciaAbt 1002 - Of, Mercia, England Elfgifu of England 
of Metz6Count Adalbert of MetzAbt 900 Luitgard of Aachen 
of Metzgau1Count Gerhard of MetzgauAbt 885 Uda of Saxony 
of Moha1Albert of MohaBef 1002 - Egisheim, Haut-Rhine, France  
of Moncon1Lord Ramiro of MonconAbt 1073 - Moncon, Spain Ximene de Bivar 
of Monshou1Duke Waleran IV of Monshou Countess Ermesinde de Luxembourg 
of Montdidier6Adelaide of MontdidierAbt 1035 Arnulf of Chiny 
of Montferrat2Margrave Guillaume VI (IV) of MontferratAbt 1110 - France Princess Jutte of Austria 
of More1Malahuc of More  
of Morvois1Bertha of MorvoisAbt 850 - France Count Herbert I de Vermandois 
of Moselle2Duchess Outeria of Moselle504 - Moselle, Austrasia, France Duke Ferreolus of Moselle 
of Mountjoy1Isoude of Mountjoy Sir John Blount 
of Naples1Carlo I of Naples1227  
of Navarre11Blanche of NavarreAbt 1180 Theobald III of Navarre 
of Nellensburg1Reginlinde of NellensburgAbt 887 - Of, France Duke Burchard II of Swabia 
of Nordgau1Luitpold Margrave of NordgauAbt 960 - Of, Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria Countess Kungunde In Swabia 
of Northumberland4Earl Seward of NorthumberlandAbt 978 - Scotland  
of Norway4Aludregn Stark of NorwayAbt 408 Alfhid Finnalfsdatter 
of Novogorod1Grand Duke Ryurik of NovogorodAbt 830 - Of, Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia Grand Duchess Edvina / 
of Noyen1Auxilla of NoyenAbt 989 - Maurienne, France white hands / 
of Obotrites2Prince Miecesias of Obotrites919 - Sweden Sophia 
of Orlamuende1Adelaide of OrlamuendeAbt 1035 Count Henry II of Louvain 
of Orleans7Count Eudes of OrleansAbt 795 - of Orleans, France Ingeltrude 
of Paris3King Charlibert I of Paris520 - Of, Paris, Seine, France Queen Ingoberge of Paris 
of Poitiers3Count Bernard I of PoitiersAbt 815 - Of, Poitiers, Aquitaine, France Blichilde D'Anjou 
of Poland10Dobremir of PolandAbt 940  
of Polotsk1Count Rognwald of PolotskAbt 936 - Of, Russia  
of Ponthieu4Count Guillaume III of Ponthieu1179 - Ponthieu, Flanders, France Princess Alix of France 
of Ponthieu & Montreuil1Count Jean I of Ponthieu & Montreuil1135 - Montreuil, Flandres, France Beatrice de Saint Pol 
of Prague1Gostivit of PragueAbt 835  
of Psov1Zupan Slavibor of PsovBef 827 - Of, Psova, Melink, Czechoslovakia  
of Psow2Count Slavibor of PsowAbt 845  
of Reims1Count Ebles I of ReimsAbt 994 - Of, Roucy, Aisne, France Countess Beatrice of Hainault 
of Ringelheim4Amalrada of RingelheimAbt 945 Count Dietrich of Drenthe 
of Ringlehein1Countess Matilda of RingleheinAbt 833 - Of, Ringleheim, Goslar, Hannover, Germany Count Reginhart of Ringelheim 
of Roman Empire4Emperor Konrad II of Roman Empire990 - Burgundy, France Duchess Gisele of Swabia 
of Saffenburg2Adolph of SaffenburgAbt 1090  
of Salerno1Princess Sigelaita of SalernoAbt 970 - Of, Salerno, Italy Guiscard / 
of Savoy5Count Amadeo II of SavoyAbt 1032 - Of, Geneva, Switzerland Joan de Geneva 
of Saxony11Arnoldus of SaxonyAbt 562 - Old Saxony, Germany Oda / 
of Schweinfurt2Eilika Margaravine of Schweinfurt987 - Of, Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria Duke Bernard II of Saxony 
of Scotland14Alpin of ScotlandAbt 778 - Scotland  
of Semur3Count Ariebaud of SemurAbt 918 - Of, Semur, Cote-D'or, France  
of Senlis1Count Hubert of SenlisAbt 880 - Of, Bretagne, France  
of Sens1Garnier of SensAbt 868 Teutberga de Arles 
of Sicily1Princess Marquerite of SicilyAbt 1274 - Naples, Sicily Count Charles de Valois 
of Spoleto1Bertila of Spoleto Berengar I 
of Stade2Count Heinrich I of StadeAbt 932 - Of, Stade, Hannover, Germany Countess Judith of the Wetterau 
of Stochau1Bolzine of StochauAbt 915 Duke the Cruel / 
of Stubenskorn1Count Billung of StubenskornAbt 910 - Saxony Aeda Attala 
of Studor1Drahomira of StudorAbt 890 Vratislav I of Bohemia 
of Sualafeld1Countess Richeza of SualafeldAbt 960 - Of, Niederhosterreich, Austria Margrave The Illustrious / 
of Sultzbach2Count Berenger I of SultzbachAbt 1090  
of Susa1Margravine Adelheid of SusaAbt 1020 - Of, Susa, Torino, Italy Duke Hermann IV of Swabia Of Kastl 
of Swabia16Bertha of SwabiaAbt 907 - Of, Burgundy, France King Rudolph II de Bourgogne 
of Sweden4Astrid of SwedenAbt 1000 King the Stout / 
of The Gatinais3Count Aubri of The GatinaisAbt 900 - Of, Gatinais, France  
of The Nordgau1Berthold Margrave of The NordgauAbt 915 - Of, Nordgau, Schwaben, Bavaria Countess Elia / 
of The Nordgau & Schweinfurt1Heinrich Margrave of The Nordgau & SchweinfurtAbt 950 - Of, Schweinfurt, Unterfranken, Bavaria Countess Gerbega of Swabia 
of Thours1Countess Ildegarde of ThoursAbt 1041 - Of, Thours, Deux-Sevres, France Le Diable / 
of Thurgovie2Count Adalbert II of ThurgovieAbt 835  
of Torino2Adelaide of TorinoAbt 1015 Count Otto (Eudes) of Savoy 
of Toulouse5Count Guillaume IV of Toulouse1040 - Of, Toulouse, France Countess Mathilde of Toulouse 
of Toulouse & Albi1Count Pons III of Toulouse & AlbiAbt 990 - Of, Toulouse, France Almoidis de La Haute Marche 
of Toulouse & Rouergue1Count Eudes of Toulouse & RouergueAbt 828 - Of, Rouergne, Aveyron, France Countess Gersinde of Albi 
of Treves1Bishop Leutwinus of TrevesAbt 665 - Of, Austrasia, France  
of Tristerbaut1Count Hunroch of TristerbautAbt 960  
of Troyes1Teutberga of TroyesAbt 895 Charles Constatine of Vienne 
of Tuscany3Marquis Adalbert of TuscanyAbt 855 - Of, Tuscany, Italy Princess Bertha de Lorraine 
of Upper Alsace4Count Hughes II of Upper AlsaceAbt 765 - Of, Upper Alsace, France Countess Ava of Upper Alsace 
of Uppsala1King Jorund Yngvasson of UppsalaAbt 487 - Sweden  
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