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of Navarre - Index of Names

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Blanche of NavarreAbt 1180 Mar 1229 Theobald III of Navarre 
Jeanne of NavarreJan 1271-Jan 1272 - France 2 Apr 1305 - France King the Fair / 
King Garcia III of NavarreAbt 955 - Of, Spain 1000 Queen Chimine of Navarre 
King Garcias V (VI) Ramirez of NavarreAbt 1099 - Navarre, Spain 21 Nov 1150 Margaret de l'Aigle 
King Sancho III of NavarreAbt 980 - Of, Navarre, Spain Feb 1035 Princess Nunnia of Castile 
King Sancho VII of Navarre 1234  
Princess Blanca of NavarreAft 1133 - Pamplona, Navarre 12 Aug 1156 King The Desired / 
Queen Berengaria of Navarre1163 Abt 1230 King Richard I "Coeur de Lion" "Coeur de Lion" Plantagenet of England 
Queen Chimine of NavarreAbt 960 - Of, Navarre, Spain  King Garcia III of Navarre 
Sancho VI of NavarreAbt 1132 27 Jun 1194 - Pamplona, Spain  
Theobald III of Navarre13 Jan 1179 - Troyes 24 May 1201 Blanche of Navarre 

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