i - Index of Surnames
i - Index of Surnames

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Ibrook10Anne Ibrook1617  
Ickler2Bessie Irene Ickler17 Jul 1903 - Creighton, Neb Robert Gerald Moore 
Iddenden2John IddendenAbt 1544 - Cranbrook, Kent, England Christian Mercer 
Ignatius1Charles William Ignatius Bertha Munder 
Illan2Esteban IllanAbt 1178 - Toledo, New Castile, Spain  
In Alfheim1King Norr Thorrasson In AlfheimAbt 345 - Of, Raumsdal, Norway  
In Finland1King Frosti In FinlandAbt 402  
In Glaesivollum1King Hofund Gudmundsson In GlaesivollumAbt 488 - Of, Glaesivollum, Norway Hervor Angantyrsdatter 
In Holmgard1King Eymund In HolmgardAbt 430 - Of, Holmgarth, Novgorod, Russia  
In Kinzigau1Count Heribert In KinzigauAbt 914 - Kinzig, Heesen, Germany Countess Irmintrud of Avalgau 
In Kvenland3King Frosti Karasson In KvenlandAbt 210 - Of, Finland  
In Nordgau7Count Eberhard III In NordgauAbt 835 - Nordgau Region, Medieval States  
In Norway1King Gandolf Alfgeirsson In NorwayAbt 710 - Of, Vingulmork, Hedmark, Norway  
In Reidgotalandi1King Angantyr Heidreksson In ReidgotalandiAbt 532 - Of, Reidgotlalandi, Norway Helga Haraldsdatter 
In Swabia2Count of Palatine Berthold In SwabiaAbt 840 - Of, Schwaben, Bavaria  
In Sweden6King Agni Dagsson In SwedenAbt 424 - Sweden Skjalf Frostaddotter 
In The Rheingau1Count Konrad In The RheingauAbt 910 - Schwaben, Bavaria Duchess Judith of Swabia 
In Vingulmork1Alfgeir In VingulmorkAbt 688 - Of, Vingulmork, Hedmark, Norway  
Ingerina1Eudocia IngerinaAbt 840 Emporer Michael III of Roman Empire 
Ingersoll22Abel Ingersoll11 Nov 1671 - Westfield, Mass.  
Ingham2Joan InghamAbt 1304 - of Ellesmere, Shropshire, England Roger Le Strange Sr 
Inglefield1Elizabeth Inglefield Robert White 
Ingold1Ann Ingold Richard Harrison 
Inigo1Oneca InigoAbt 830 - Spain Aznar Galindez 
Iniguez1King Garcia I IniguezAbt 830 Urraca 
Inkersall2John InkersallAbt 1567 Rose Staley 
Insula1Warren InsulaAbt 1294 - a  
Ioos1George Frederick Ioos25 Nov 1932 Sandra Alana Garry 
Iowerth1Dyddgu Verch IowerthAbt 1060 - Of, Radnorshire, Wales Dinawal Ap Tudwal 
Irby2John Irby1520 - Odell, Bedfordshire, England Rose Overton 
Istria1Luitgard IstriaAbt 980 Count Engelbert Pusterhal 
Ithel1Miss Verch IthelAbt 1118 - Of, Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbighshire, Wales Iorwerth Ap Cynon 
Ivarsdatter1Aud IvarsdatterAbt 663 - Of, Am, Denmark Rander Radbartsson 
Ivera1Bertha IveraBef 980 - Of, Lombardy, Italy Olderic Suza 

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