of Swabia - Index of Names
of Swabia - Index of Names

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Bertha of SwabiaAbt 907 - Of, Burgundy, France 11 Aug 967 King Rudolph II de Bourgogne 
Burchard I of SwabiaAbt 860 911  
Countess Gerbega of SwabiaAbt 972 - Of, Schwaben, Bavaria  Heinrich Margrave of The Nordgau & Schweinfurt 
Duchess Emma of SwabiaAbt 736 - Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia 798 Count Gerold of Vinzgau I 
Duchess Gisele of Swabia11 Nov 999 - Of, Schwaben, Bavaria 14 Feb 1043 Duke Ernst of Swabia 
Duchess Judith of SwabiaAbt 914 - Of, Schwaben, Bavaria  Count Konrad In The Rheingau 
Duke Burchard II of SwabiaAbt 882 - Of, Burgundy, France 926 Reginlinde of Nellensburg 
Duke Ernst of SwabiaAbt 985 - Of, Poclarn, Niederhosterreich, Austria 31 May 1015 Duchess Gisele of Swabia 
Duke Frederick I of SwabiaAbt 1050 20 Jan 1105 Agnes of Germany 
Duke Frederick II of Swabia1090 6 Apr 1147 Judith of Bavaria 
Duke Hermann II of SwabiaAbt 950 - Schwaben, Bavaria 4 May 1003 Princess Gerberga de Bourgogne 
Duke Hermann IV - Of Kastl of SwabiaAbt 1015 - Of, Schwaben, Bavaria 28 Jul 1040 Margravine Adelheid of Susa 
Duke Otto of SwabiaAbt 1000   
Duke Phillip of SwabiaAbt 1180 21 Jun 1208 - Bamberg Irene Angelica 
Hildegard of SwabiaAbt 1028 1094 Count Frederick of Buren 
Marie of Swabia1207 1239 Henry II of Brabant 

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