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of Urgel & Barcelona1Count Sunifried of Urgel & BarcelonaAbt 810 - Of, Urgel, Lerida. Spain Ermesende 
of Vendil1Sigtiyg of VendilAbt 671 - Of, Vestfold, Norway  
of Verdun3Count Frederick of VerdunAbt 985  
of Vexin1Count Dreux of VexinAbt 1000 - Of, Vexin, France Princess Godgifu / 
of Vienne4Charles Constatine of VienneAbt 901 Teutberga of Troyes 
of Vinzgau1Count Gerold - I of VinzgauAbt 710 - Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia Duchess Emma of Swabia 
of Walbeck1Lothar of WalbeckAbt 900 - Of, Walbeck, Saxony, Prussia  
of Warcq1Count Otto I of WarcqAbt 950 Ermengarde de Namur 
of Warwick1Earl Waleran of WarwickAbt 1140 - Of, Warwick, Warwickshire, England Alice de Harcourt 
of Wessex11Egbert of WessexAbt 784 - Of, Wessex, England Queen Redburh of Wessex 
of Westerburg1Hildegard of WesterburgAbt 935 - Of, Saxony, Germany Duke Herman Billung 
of Widness2Baron Yafrid of WidnessAbt 1050  
of Wormsgau1Rutpert (Robert) III of WormsgauAbt 789 Waltrada / 
of the Britains2Cyllin of the BritainsAbt 0099 - Of, Britain  
of the Byzantine Empire1Princess Anna of the Byzantine Empire13 Mar 963 - Of, Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey Grand Duke The Great / 
of the Danes1King Skjold of the DanesAbt 237 - Of, Hleithra, Denmark Gefion 
of the Franks13Duke Marcomir of the FranksAbt 347 - Of, Germany  
of the Lower LahngauWetterau1Gebhard of the Lower LahngauWetterauAbt 826 - Of, Lahngau, Hesse-Nessau, Germany  
of the Palatinate1Rixia of the PalatinateAbt 1000 King Miesko II of Poland 
of the Picts1King Urgust of the PictsAbt 709 - Of, Scotland  
of the Rugij1Princess Hafilda of the RugijAbt 106 King Clodomir IV of the Franks 
of the Swedes1King Yngvi-Frey of the SwedesAbt 235 - Of, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden Gerd Gymersdotter 
of the Thuringians2Princess Basina of the ThuringiansAbt 438 - Of, Thuringia, Germany King Childeric of France I 
of the Upplands2Asta of the UpplandsAbt 970 the Grenlander / 
of the West Franks3King Antenor IV of the West FranksBef 0063  
of the Wetterau3Count Gebhard II of the WetterauAbt 866 - Schwaben, Bavaria Alice , Alix / 
of theFranks1Duke Genebald of theFranksAbt 354 - France  

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