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Paul - Index of Names

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Benjamin Paul2 Jul 1750 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Elizabeth Paul1754 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Hannah Paul1689 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
Hannah Paul1723 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
James Paul1685 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
James PaulAbt 1727 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts 1814 - Westminister, Windham, Vermont Sarah White 
James White Paul25 Apr 1768 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
John Paul1730 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
John White Paul1756 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Mary Paul  Joseph Phippen 
Mary Paul1687 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
Mary Paul1720 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
Mary Paul1765 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Mrs Mary PaulAbt 1657 - of Taunton, Briston, Massachusetts  James Paule 
Peter White Paul20 Nov 1760 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Sarah Paul1752 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Sibyl Paul31 Jan 1763 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts   
Silence (Liley) PaulFeb 1759 - Dighton, Bristol, Massachusetts 27 Jun 1822 - Westminister, Windham, Vermont Joseph Phippen 
Susannah PaulAbt 1725 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
William Paul10 Jul 1722 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass   
William Paul1691 - Taunton, Bristol, Mass 1732 - Dighton, Bristol, Mass Mary Whitmarsh 

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