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of England - Index of Names

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Edgitha of EnglandAbt 900 - England  Morcar of England 
Elfgifu of EnglandAbt 997 - Of, Wessex, England  Earl Alfgar of Mercia 
Joan of England5 Jul 1321 - Tower, London, England 14 Aug 1362  
King Edward II of England25 Apr 1274 - Carnarvon Castle, Carnarvon , Wales 21 Sep 1327 - Berkeley Castle, Gloucester, Gloucester, England Queen Isabella of France 
King Edward III of England13 Nov 1312 - Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England 21 Jun 1377 - Sheen Palace, Surrey, England Queen Philippa of Hainault 
King Henry IV of England1367 1413 Mary de Bohun 
King John Lackland of England24 Dec 1167 - Kings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 19 Oct 1216 - Newark, Nottinghamshire, England Queen Isabella of Angoul⭥ Taillefer 
King Stephan of England1095 - Blois, France 25 Oct 1154 - Dover, Kent, England Matilda of Boulogne 
Morcar of EnglandAbt 960 - Of, England  Edgitha of England 
Princess Adaele of EnglandAbt 1062 - Of, Normandie 8 Mar 1135 - Marsilly, Aquitaine Count le Sage / 
Princess Agatha Von Brunswick of EnglandAbt 1018 - Braunschweig, Prussia 13 Jul 1024 Prince Atheling / 
Princess Edithia of EnglandAbt 910 - Wessex, England 21 Jan 947 Emperor The Great / 
Princess Eleanor of England13 Oct 1162 - Las Huelgas, Burgos, Burgos, Spain 25 Oct 1214 - Las Huelgas, Burgos, Burgos, Spain King The Noble / 
Princess Elfridam of EnglandAbt 877 - Of, Wessex, England 920 Count the bald / 
Princess Elgiva of EnglandAbt 912 - England 944 Manzer,Mancer / 
Princess Elizabeth of England7 Aug 1282 - Rhuddlan Castle, Flintshire, Wales 5 May 1316 - Quendon, Essex, England Humphrey de Bohun VIII 
Princess Elizabeth of EnglandAbt 1095 - Of, Talby, Yorkshire, England  Lord Fergus of Galloway 
Princess Gundred of EnglandAbt 1063 - Normandy, France 27 May 1085 - Castle Acre, Acre, Norfolk, England William de Warenne I 
Princess Isabella Eleanor of England18 Jun 1318 - Woodstock, Oxford, England 22 Apr 1355  
Princess Maud of EnglandAbt 1091 - England  Duke le Gross / 
Queen Ealhswith of EnglandAbt 852 - Mercia, England 5 Dec 905 King The Great / 
Queen Elfleda of EnglandAbt 876 - Of, Wessex, England  King The Elder / 

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