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Borivoj I of BohemiaAbt 860 894 Ludmilla of Psow 
Dubravka of BohemiaAbt 940 977 Prince Mieszko I of Poland 
Duchess Blanka of BohemiaAbt 738 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Vojen of Bohemia 
Duchess Emma of BohemiaAbt 930 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechsolvakia 1005-1006 Duke The Pious / 
Duchess Hruba of BohemiaAbt 720 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Nezamysi of Bohemia 
Duchess Libuse of BohemiaAbt 782 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Kresomysi of Bohemia 
Duchess Miloslavia of BohemiaAbt 824 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Hostivbit of Bohemia 
Duchess Ponislava of BohemiaAbt 795 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Neklan of Bohemia 
Duchess Stezislava of BohemiaAbt 711 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duke Mnbata of Bohemia 
Duke Boleslav I of BohemiaAbt 900 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 15 Jul 967 Princess Biagota / 
Duke Borijov I of BohemiaAbt 842 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia Abt 894 - Tetin, Horovice, Czechoslovokia Lidmila ze Psova 
Duke Bretislav I of BohemiaAbt 1005 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechsolvakia 10 Jan 1055 - Chrudim, Chrudim, Czechoslovakia Princess Judith of Schweinfurt 
Duke Hostivbit of BohemiaAbt 820 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 870 Duchess Miloslavia of Bohemia 
Duke Kresomysi of BohemiaAbt 780 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 851 Duchess Libuse of Bohemia 
Duke Mnbata of BohemiaAbt 716 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 804 Duchess Stezislava of Bohemia 
Duke Neklan of BohemiaAbt 800 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 873 Duchess Ponislava of Bohemia 
Duke Nezamysi of BohemiaAbt 718 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 783 Duchess Hruba of Bohemia 
Duke Premsyl of BohemiaAbt 694 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia  Duchess Libuse of Bohema 
Duke Unislav of BohemiaAbt 758 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 833  
Duke Vojen of BohemiaAbt 737 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 820 Duchess Blanka of Bohemia 
Duke Vratislav I of BohemiaAbt 877 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 13 Feb 921 Drahombria ze Stodor 
Princess Dubravka of BohemiaAbt 931 - Of, Praha, Praha, Czechoslovokia 977 Prince Mieszko I of Poland 
Vratislav I of BohemiaAbt 890 13 Feb 921 Drahomira of Studor 

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